What I Wish I Would’ve Known Before Moving Overseas pt. 1

What I Wish I Would’ve Known Before Moving Overseas pt. 1

I feel like I could write a book about moving overseas. Not a “we’ve got this all figured out, so just do what we did” kind of book…. more of a, “Dang! I wish I had known that before booking a one way ticket.”

This week we celebrated one year of living in a new country. I’m telling you right now that it was a full year of massive ups and downs, excitements and frustrations, grief and unexplainable joy. Even a year into this journey we are still learning new things daily. If I had to guess, I’d say we still have a lot to learn so, this is only the beginning.

Despite the fact that we are still learning each and every day, we have also figured a few things out along the way. I’d love to share those valuable lessons over a Triple Grande Soy Mocha with anyone looking to do what we’re doing. Unfortunately, chatting over coffee would require a lengthy and costly plane ride.  So a blog post will have to suffice.


I expect that this list will grow substantially over time but in an effort to keep you from tiring of my mindless rambling …tonight I give you the 1st thing on my list of “5 Things I wish I’d known Before Moving Overseas“. So grab a cup of coffee and something chocolate, sit back and learn from my mistakes.

Oh, good heavens…why didn’t somebody tell me this one ahead of time?

1.) You are going to get sick. Very sick. And there’s nothing you can do about that.

Contaminated water, unfamiliar spices, unclean surroundings, undercooked food…the list of reasons are endless, but at some point you are going to get sick. How sick? You may not be able to keep any food down for months, you may end up in bed for three weeks, or you may just  get a few stomach cramps from the unfamiliar spices.IMG_8811 The spectrum is pretty broad and hopefully you’ll land on the light side of things, but more than likely, you’re gonna serve some time kneeling at the Porcelain Throne and it won’t be fun. All six of our crew have had it. Fortunately, I got it the worst when I contracted a nasty amoeba from an undercooked  piece of chicken but I’d rather not talk about that because I like to pretend it never happened. IMG_5542

In light of this reality, it would be a great idea to bring a round of Cipro with you.  And if you aren’t really into the whole “preparing for the worst” kind of thing…don’t say I didn’t warn you. For the love of all that is good, at the very least grab a bottle of Immodium and stash it in your carry-on for a rainy day.


Part 2 is right around the corner so come on back now…ya’ hear!?!?

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