Welcome to the new blog. We are excited about all that is in store for our family and would love for you to stay in touch with us via Passport for Six. We will attempt to chronicle the craziness that comes along with packing up a family of six and moving to the other side of the globe.  I’m sure along the way we’ll share insights and lessons we’ve learned from immersing ourselves in a foreign land with vastly differing values and beliefs.

We will continue a few favorites from the old blog, like our weekly Wednesday posts, but are also sure to develop a few new ones along the way.

It should be fun…well, truthfully it might be painful for us at times, but at least it will be fun for you to read about.

Looking forward to the journey!



7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. So excited to still be able to follow what’s going on with the Taylor’s…..know that your family picture is right in the middle of our classroom on a specific prayer board, praying for you guys!

  2. Thank you for sharing your family with us. I have enjoyed reading your blog – Too Many B’s and glad you’ll continue to chronicle some of your life’s journey with us. We’ll be praying for you all.

    The Jordans

  3. Hey Taylors!! I just found this today and I am so thrilled that you will be blogging while “on the road”! Your prayer card has a special place all it’s own :o) in what we call our “10/40 Missions Room”. We may take turns praying through the other Missionaries or people groups, but y’all are never forgotten. We love you so much and pray all is well (and everybody-Josiah & Isaac have been sick recently) in VA!!
    Lisa Blakesley

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