Washin’ Veggies

Washin’ Veggies

I posted an Instagram photo a while back of our “veggie wash” that prompted lots of fun questions, so tonight on the blog I’m explaining our produce routine.

Fruits and veggies here can contain bacteria, parasites and amoeba that can make a gal pretty sick if your body isn’t used to them. Needless to say, our little American bellies aren’t ready  for those little guys so we have to be careful about any fresh produce we consume.

When I purchase fruits and veggies from the local produce stand or grocery store I have to bring them home and put them through the “fruit and veggie routine.” There are a few different ways you can do this that involve all sorts of different products, including Clorox or salt.  But for me, I like the ease of the product Saf All.


I have a big plastic tub that I fill with water and drop in one of the Saf All tablets.


After the tablet is fully dissolved I stir it up a bit and drop in the produce.


Fortunately, I have lots of little folks willing to throw produce in the water tub and make a huge mess all over the floor help me clean the veggies.


I let the produce soak a while and make sure all sides are treated. Then I dry the fruits and veggies and Im off to enjoy my amoeba free produce.


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