This Calls for a Celebration

This Calls for a Celebration

The easiest way for me to describe what the boys do during the day while we are in classes is to say they go to school, but it’s not exactly like real school. Each of the boys has between 6-10 kids in their classroom and all of the families are preparing to head overseas. The curriculum is academic but it’s also largely focused on learning to live cross culturally and teaching each child specifically about their new country. The boys have learned so many new, wonderful things but I’d be lying if I said the transition has been easy.

With the exception of Braeden going to Mother’s Day Out for one year when he was two, the boys have always been home with me. So, as you can imagine, the first day I dropped each of them off in their “classroom” I was a big ol’ hot mess. I’ll spare you the gory details but lets just say I had to walk back to the apartment and “put myself back together” before I could proceed to my own classes.

Braeden and Brody walked right into their classroom without a single tear. They were both a little hesitant but managed to hold it together. Brooks and Breck both cried the first day but by day two, Breck hardly looked back at drop off. Brooks on the other hand cried  screamed  proceeded to cry and scream while physically attaching himself to every square inch of my body and has continued to do so for nearly four weeks now. The first couple of times I cried right along with him but after that I did what every good mother would have done and begged his dad to take him to class everyday. Can you really blame me? Watching this little cutie cry crocodile tears each morning was going to be the death of me.


This past week started off just like the rest. The minute I said, “Let’s get our backpacks on.” Brooks started crying. But, by the time Tuesday rolled around something had changed. We took Brooks into his class and his teacher took him to the window to wait on us to walk by. He looked a little nervous but he didn’t cry. He waited at the window until he saw us walk by. He waved at us while we acted like absolute idiots in a desperate attempt to see the tiniest hint of smile come across his face. No smile came but neither did the tears. For the past few days we’ve let him wait by the window until he sees us pass by and I’m pleased to announce that we’ve been tear free for almost a week.IMG_8500

When the boys got home from school we celebrated Brooks’ accomplishment with cookies and he got to be the first one in the family to eat off the new and improved “Blue Plate Special.”


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  1. Bravo Taylor family!! I know it has been a huge adjustment. Bethany felt the same way leaving the boys all day everyday! She nearly teared up just telling me about it. My heart goes out and yet I know that you will all be together again soon and Brooke, you will be right back where you want to be…Teacher of the day!! We love you so!
    Lisa Blakesley

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