The Year My Kids Thought They Stayed Up Until Midnight

The Year My Kids Thought They Stayed Up Until Midnight

My boys have asked for several years to stay up until midnight on New Years Eve. The problem being, I don’t usually stay up that late so I immediately shoot the idea down. Not only am I getting old, I’ve become boring.

This year they started asking again and for some strange reason I consented to the ludicrous request. Of course, if I was going to be putting in overtime at the office, we needed something fun to do, a party if you will.

I blew up seven balloons and wrote the hour on each one. Inside each balloon was a strip of paper telling the boys what we would be doing that hour.

IMG_6499Every hour on the hour the boys took turns popping the balloon to see what the next activity would be.IMG_1475

At 6:00 we ate dinner. If you’ve been reading the blog for longer that 6.2 seconds you know the dinner was themed. Star shaped sandwiches, fire cracker fruit kababs and 2016 sugar cookies. IMG_1471

At 7:00 we played glow in the dark ring toss.


At 8:00 each child filled out this interview sheet. It was a lot of fun to see which things from our year stuck in their little minds. images

At 9:00 we created a time capsule that included the interview sheets, a paper cutout of each child’s hand and a length of ribbon to show exactly how tall each child was at the close of 2015. Now if I can only keep track of the time capsule until the end of 2016. Now that I think about it, maybe this wasn’t the best idea. IMG_1485

At 10:00 we played New Year’s Eve bingo & Pictionary. IMG_1493IMG_1489

At 11:00 we watched A Very Merry Pooh Year.

UnknownAnd at 12:00 we watched the fireworks show in Dubai and rang in the new year with fancy glasses and sparkling cider.

IMG_1494Or at least that is how my boys thought the night went down. The truth is, I rang in the new year alone with my Bae on the couch after the boys were fast asleep.


Call it dishonesty or call it brilliant, you choose. You see, every hour I pushed the clock hands ahead 10-15 minutes so the night went by a little faster than planned. I could only back it up a few minutes each hour after all, my oldest will be 11 next month and he’s on to my shenanigans. Either way, the boys had a wonderful new year and bragged to their friends for two days about how they got to stay up until midnight and I still managed to toast in 2016 with a kiss from my love. I call that a win.

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