The Traveling Circus

The Traveling Circus

The thought of moving our ten years of life together overseas sounded overwhelming. The thought of moving ten years of life together along with our four children overseas made my head want to explode. I knew we were moving to the Middle East, I didn’t know exactly how we were going to get our family of six from Alabama to the Middle East without a mental breakdown. For months I’ve scoured the internet for advice.  I’ve picked the brain of anyone and everyone I know that has ever travelled overseas with small children and I’ve exhausted myself formatting, labeling, strategizing and developing a plan I thought would make things go as smooth as possible.

The process took well over a year but we somehow managed to downsize all of our worldly possessions from a fully stocked 4 bedroom house in the suburbs of Birmingham to 19 checked bags, 4 carry ons and 3 backpacks. It’s impossible to see in this photo but tons of  hours, sweat, emotion and tears went into getting us to this point but I must say having everything you own in the back of a minivan is incredibly freeing in a strange sort of way. And no, that’s not our van…the Honda is long gone. That belongs to my husbands amazing uncle who volunteered to cart our luggage all the way to the ATL.


 With lots of help from my parents, brother-in-law and Britt’s uncle, we stormed Atlanta International Terminal like we owned the place, got our bags checked in and received our boarding passes with no hiccups.

IMG_0006We boarded a plane in Atlanta and flew to London. The boys watched movies all night long. I mean ALL night long…


When we landed in London we had a 12 hour layover, which sounds miserable, but it actually turned out to be an incredible blessing. We were able to get a “Yotel” (a tiny cabin style hotel room located inside an airport) in London that allowed us to sleep and take a nice shower (a must after flying through the night).



After breakfast and a few hours in the yotel we felt refreshed and ready to tackle the next leg of our journey.

We boarded another plane in London and several hours later landed in our new home. There were a few car rides, bus rides and subway trips in between and after 32 hours of travel we finally made it “home.” Here are a few different views from different places in our apartment.




Thank you to those that have prayed for us, encouraged us, called us or sent a text, email, FB message, Voxer or What’s App! Your prayers have been felt and answered. Our trip went amazingly well (minus a small melt down from Breck the last hour of the plane ride and one lost piece of luggage) and we are here. After a year of living in transition and not having a place to call home, we are over joyed to be here.

Now comes the fun part, learning this language.

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  1. Brook, I knew that as long as you and God were working together, things would work out! My love and my prayers go with you all!

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