The New and Improved Birthday Plate

The New and Improved Birthday Plate

Can we all just pause for a moment and remember the birthday plate tragedy before we move on with this post? Because without the tragedy, there would be no reason for what I’m about to say.

Last month when we returned to Alabama to stay with my parents after our 9 week stint in Virginia I walked into the living room to find a colorfully wrapped package. I later learned the package was for me. Ooooooh, I love surprises but this was more than just a fun little surprise.

I opened up the package and for just a moment I was REALLY confused. Tucked ever so carefully among yards and yards of bubble wrap was this…


Now, if you remember correctly, the birthday plate had been shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces along the side of I-85 North approximately 2 months earlier.To make things even more confusing, I hand painted the birthday plate at a pottery place ¬†nearly 7 years ago so buying a replica wasn’t possible. If I wanted another birthday plate like the original I was going to have to find time to get to a pottery store and paint it myself. Being that we were in the process of moving overseas, that ¬†wasn’t going to happen.

It turns out my AH-MAZING Mom had taken one of the pictures from the original blog post and blew it up to an 11×17 size so she could see every little detail. She then went to the exact same pottery place I had visited all those years ago and found a plate that looked as close to the original as possible. The owner let her take the supplies home to paint in her own time rather than sitting in the studio. Night after night she sat in her living room painting away and making sure she came as close as possible to the original. When she was done she took it back to the pottery studio and had it fired just in time to surprise me when we got back home.

At the end of the day I know it’s just a plate but I will say that seeing this for the first time was a rather emotional moment and you better believe this little gem went in my carry-on and has arrived safely in our new home. I’m anxiously awaiting Breck’s birthday next month so we can use it for the first time.

My hope is that our family can use the new birthday plate for years to come and each time we do, we’ll think of my precious mom who worked ever so diligently on a little ceramic plate and all because she knew what a treasure it was to her daughter.IMG_8759

I love you Mom!

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