The International Man of Mystery and His Many Quirks

The International Man of Mystery and His Many Quirks

I thought it couldn’t possibly be true, but it is. All those adorable little things your children do when they are young…yep, you forget a lot of them. I know, shameful right?

When I was a new mom and people would tell me that I would one day forget a lot of the funny/adorable things my child would do I used to think, “No way. How could I ever forget the way he says eff-lant instead of elephant? It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Keep a notebook and write it down.”  They’d say.

“Make a note of those things in their baby book.”

“Create a file on your computer so you can look back on the funny things.”

I must admit, I heard the truth from veteran mom’s but refused to believe I would forget even a single detail of my children’s lives.

It didn’t take long before I saw the error of my ways and started documenting those cute little things so we could one day look back at them. Today the handwritten notes in a baby book have morphed into a blog in the hopes of capturing the memories.


Breck. Where do I even begin with this guy? He’s in a fun and challenging stage all wrapped up in a pint size bundle of yumminess with a handful of rambunctiousness and a pinch of mischievous thrown in to round him out.

IMG_0474He’s learning that the world doesn’t revolve around him, which means he’s constantly testing limits to see how far he can go. But, at the same time, he’s learning to communicate, developing his own little personality and finding out where he fits in our family and this world. It’s a hoot to watch it unfold but has the ability to bring me to my knees all on the same day. He has earned himself the nickname “International Man of Mystery” and rightfully so.

He has tons of little quirky behaviors that I don’t ever want to forget, like the fact that he’d prefer not to wear clothes and spends the majority of his day in Thomas the Train underwear, unless we are leaving the house and I make him put on clothes.

IMG_7630He’s an absolute ball of energy and never slows down unless he’s sleeping. While his energy can be enjoyable to watch, it also means he breaks things often or steps on the chocolate peanut butter cheesecake you made for a friend’s going away party.

IMG_8375He wears rubber bracelets on both wrists and both ankles everyday. I have no idea why- but he calls them his “CrossFits.” Whatever works, son.


He refuses to use the bathroom unless he’s completely in the buff. I’m not going to elaborate on this particular quirk but I will say you just have to trust me. I’ve tried to force the kid to use the bathroom without removing every stitch of clothing and he just can’t do it. If we’re at the gym, visiting friends or out in public- he removes everything, even his beloved “crossfits”, to use the bathroom. This one will really drive you batty when you’re crunched for time.


IMG_9899We do a lot of walking where we live and every time we go somewhere he picks up a rock, puts it in his pocket and says it’s his “pet rock”. Without fail, the pet rock is always named “Meow.” Go figure.

IMG_9098His latest quirk is this zebra backpack. He wears it around the house. He wears it to the grocery store. He wears it to the gym. He wears it to visit friends, eat lunch, take a nap…you get the point. He usually can be found stuffing random things in the backpack that make him happy. Oh, and how could I possibly not mention the Thomas rain boots? They rarely leave his feet.

IMG_9889While I know the day will come that I forget all of the cute pronunciations (like when he calls a banana a ba-lana) or when you play I Spy with him and he says, “I spy with my little eyes right here...”, one thing is for sure– I won’t forget how he get’s in trouble and then brings me the spoon just to go ahead and get it over with.

IMG_8060Or the constant mischief that has earned him the beloved title, “International Man of Mystery.”

IMG_8860But, more than those other things, I’ll never forget trying for two years to get pregnant and the longing to have another baby and how thankful that makes me that the International Man of Mystery calls me– “Mama.”

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  1. What a beautiful post. He reminds me more of you than any of the other boys. The Sisson household is now calling Ethel “Efo” since Breck renamed her. Sure do miss you guys!

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