The Final Week: Good Friday

The Final Week: Good Friday

Good Friday

Today’s Reading: John 19:1-30

These verses bring about a great feeling of mournfulness. The reality that Jesus died is hard enough but examining the details and being reminded of the cruelty He endured before His death is unsettling at best. Not only was He stripped, mocked, beaten and spit on but while these things took place, His earthly mother looked on. (John 19:25-27)

The little baby she once felt gently kicking her tummy was now mangled beyond recognition. The toddler whose chubby fingers she held as unsteady legs learned to walk was now before her, gasping for breath. The hair of the little boy she lovingly ruffled was now drenched in blood and matted to his forehead.

I can’t help but mentally put myself in the place of Mary and my heart aches. My thoughts spiral out of control and I begin to feel a sense of sorrow and hopelessness. The moment breeds helplessness. Like an actor gone off script and drastically altering the story end. It feels like this wasn’t supposed to happen. I want to stop reading so my mind will cease to create mental images of the scene but I push through the grimness of the verses because I know John 19:30 is right around the corner.

“he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”

In this moment, Jesus is every bit as in control as He has been in the days before. He isn’t a helpless victim being acted upon out of cruelty. His life wan’t viciously taken from Him at the hands of unmerciful sinners. He is the Lord and He is in complete control. In these horrific moments He was literally sustaining the very breath of the men who were nailing Him to the cross.

Do not allow the tragic details of Good Friday to cause you to forget Jesus is Lord! As a beautiful display of His love for us and an act of complete obedience to His Heavenly Father, He willingly surrendered His life. And while His appearance is currently far from majestic, our story is far from over.

One thought on “The Final Week: Good Friday

  1. Brook, I imagine much the same things when I read these passages and my heart aches within me. Thank you for the posts this week. Such beautiful writings by a beloved servant! We miss seeing your precious family and pray for you all in your new ministry!
    Hallelujah, What a Savior!
    Much love and prayers! Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💞🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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