The Desert Snowstorm

The Desert Snowstorm

Who knew we’d move to the desert and experience record snowfall? I certainly did not but, that’s exactly what happened.

A few weeks ago there was a lot of talk about the possibility of snow in our city. Being from Alabama we assumed that meant we’d get a flurry or two and if we were lucky our language classes would be cancelled. Little did we know parts of our city would get 70+ centimeters  and it would take over two weeks for things to function again at full capacity.IMG_9645

We received approximately a foot and a half where we live. We built two different snowmen, had multiple snowball wars and resorted to all means necessary just to keep warm. This is a picture of the window in our bedroom.IMG_9629

Oh, I forgot to mention that the homes here don’t have heat. The walls and ceilings are cement and the floors are tile. There is no insulation which means we have a new understanding of what it means to be cold.

The boys think it’s cool that you can see your breath when you’re INSIDE our house but hey, that’s what happens when it’s 42 degrees in your apartment. Yes, I typed that correctly, it was 42 degrees inside. IMG_9630

But, no need to worry my friends. We survived the big snowstorm and temperatures here have risen just a bit. We’ve learned the value of electric blankets, hot water bottles and multiple clothing layers. Although we look a little silly walking around the apartment in winter hats and scarves, we may just survive this winter after all.IMG_9637

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  1. When was the last time it snowed there? I want snow so badly! Who knew I would need to go from Alabama to the dessert to get it! LOL It has been really cold here and windy. We had over 60 hours below freezing, but thankful we have heat! Frozen pipes were an issue for most of us, but thankfuly ours did not burst! I miss seeing your faces!

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