The Cotton Candy Man

The Cotton Candy Man

Yep, you read the title correctly, we really do have a cotton candy man in our neighborhood. Be jealous.

One thing is certain about life overseas: Everything is going to be unfamiliar. Everything. But, the Lord will be gracious to provide things about your new country and your new culture that bring a smile to your face. And, believe it or not, there may even be things about the new culture you prefer over the way “you used to do it.” Tonight, I give you one of the things about life in the Middle East that always makes me smile.

We count on it like clock work. Everyday at approximately 3:00 PM (because that is when all the school kids are back at home) we hear the familiar whistle of the cotton candy man. It’s the exact same song, on the exact same handmade whistle, at the exact same time everyday of the week. It’s similar to the ice cream man that used to come around our old neighborhood in the states but a little more simplified.

You see, the cotton candy man doesn’t have a truck. He walks up and down the streets with cotton candy and various toys tied on a stick. He slings the stick over his shoulder and blows his whistle. When the kids hear the whistle they run outside and flag him down.



The instant our three year old hears the whistle he starts running through the house yelling, “COTTON CANDY MAN! COTTON CANDY MAN!” If you choose not to acknowledge the fact that he hears the cotton candy man he will take it upon himself to run out on the balcony and flag him down.

The cotton candy comes in small bags about the size of a Ziploc sandwich bag and only costs 10 girsh which is the equivalent of 15 cents. Boomski.


It makes our boys feel super grown up when I hand them 40 girsh and let them walk downstairs to the entrance of our apartment building and buy cotton candy all by themselves. How cute is that?

Just don’t tell them that I was secretly watching every single move they made from the third floor balcony, ok? It would totally kill the memory.

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