The Birth Announcement

The Birth Announcement

Before I graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Early Childhood Education I had to use Creative Memories to make an exit portfolio that would supposedly be shown to various principals and superintendents during my hunt for a job. It took me MONTHS to complete the portfolio and not a single person had a desire to see it during the interview process. I still found a job and lived happily ever after but that one exit portfolio single handedly destroyed the chance my future children would ever get a scrapbook to document their little lives.

I managed to overcome my hatred for scrapbooking enough to vow that each of my children would have a completed baby book. Yes, I know a baby book is very different from a scrap book but it’s all I could muster up after the portfolio incident.

I’ve finished the baby books for the two older boys and left them in safe keeping back in the states. I’m still working on the baby books for the two younger boys so I brought them with us and guard them with my life. I’m anxiously awaiting the day each of those boys turns five so I can fill in the last page and ship it back on the first plane to Alabama.IMG_9981

Each of the baby books has a place for a birth announcement so in the past I’ve created a unique birth announcement for each of our sons and mailed them out to family and friends.



I was afraid Brax would turn twenty-five and realize he was the only one of our five children that didn’t get a birth announcement and land himself in a psychiatric ward all on account of my laziness. So, despite the fact that I have no one to mail birth announcements to, he got one of his own. And since I can’t mail them out in cute little envelopes with matching address labels to all of our family and friends, I’m gonna put it up on the blog so you all can see the little guy responsible for completely stealing my heart.

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