Space Bags

Space Bags

As our family began the  process of moving overseas I searched endlessly for advice on how to pack and travel with small children. I knew that I could get to the end of the plane ride and have lost my sanity somewhere along the way so I needed to get insight from those who had gone before me. I quickly learned there just isn’t much advice out there. Either no one has taken the time to write about their experiences or maybe there just are’t that many people who’ve had the crazy idea to uproot their family of 6 and plop them down on another continent. Either way, I wasn’t able to find a lot of information on the subject.  So, I vowed to blog about the few tricks of the trade I learned along the way.

Trick #1… Ziploc Space Bags.

Moving a family of six overseas takes a lot of planning, thinking, strategizing and a whole heck of a lot of space.  No matter how much we dwindled our belongings down it seemed like we always had more to get into the bag than would fit. We stumbled upon Ziploc Space Bags and thought it would be worth a shot. I can’t tell you how wonderful these things are!

Here is an example of how much stuff you can fit into one of these bags. We put four full sized blankets and four adult pillows with pillowcases into one of the  extra large sized bags.


After you use all of your strength to shove the contents inside the bag, you hook up your household vacuum to the valve and suck as much of the air out as possible. It helps if you have someone sit on the bag while you’re removing the air. A couple of strapping young men like the ones pictured below would be your best bet but you’ll have to look elsewhere because these two are already taken.


The finished product looks like this.


Unfortunately, the space bag won’t make your luggage any lighter but it will save you a whole bunch of space in your suitcase.

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  1. we’ve used those before and they are great, in fact we may have to find a few for Daniel to use in August as he moves to TX to go to college!!


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