Shots, Skittles and Princess Band-Aids

Shots, Skittles and Princess Band-Aids

A portion of our cross cultural training while in Virginia includes a series of  immunization clinics. Because of the large number of people on campus needing immunizations to travel overseas, you  pretty much get an appointment time for your entire family and they heard you through like cattle, tossing needles in your general direction.  Ok, not really, but it feels like that.

This past week was our first immunization clinic, which meant we spent a good deal of time preparing and learning what to expect in order to avoid a meltdown in the medical clinic. Shot Day 1 would involve a total of 14 immunizations for our crew so I was prepared for the worst. Much to my surprise, the boys (with the exception of Breck who had to be held down by three adults) did wonderful. We made it out with minimal tears, camo band-aids and a handful of candy/cookies given to the boys by our incredible medical staff.

Britten had to get three shots, including Hepatitus B which happens to burn…a lot. The nurses gave him all three shots at one time and he just so happened to comment on the fact that the Hep B shot hurt badly. The nurse thought that was hysterical and gave Britten Hello Kitty and Princess band-aids. The boys were doubled over in laughter at the sight of their camo band-aids and Daddy all decorated  in pink. Also, while we’re on the subject of Britten, I must say that he’s going to kill me when he sees this picture but it was just too cute not to share.


 14 immunizations down….39 to go. We got this!

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