Roast Your Own Peppers

Roast Your Own Peppers

I recognize that this post will be irrelevant to most readers because you can just walk into Publix and find all of the ingredients you need. However, for my overseas peeps, this may help.

It never fails….

I get my heart (and stomach) set on a particular dish only to to learn, after three trips to three different stores, that the ingredients I need to make said dish can’t be found where we live. Bummer.

I’ve been craving chicken enchiladas from my favorite little Southern tea room┬ábut most recipes I find for Mexican food list “diced green chiles” as an ingredient, which I can’t usually find here. After a little experimentation and internet research, I learned that I can easily make my own but, I wanted to try it before I hailed it as a success.

Lucky me, it worked great.

I bought a few green chile peppers and laid them directly on the open flame of my stove.


Rotate the peppers every few minutes in order to make sure all sides are charred. Don’t worry, you want them to turn black.

After you’ve charred the peppers all around, put them inside a paper bag to rest for fifteen to twenty minutes. This step is not mandatory if you are pressed for time but it does make removing the skins a bit easier.


Cut the tops off the peppers and put them under running water as you slide your fingers up and down the peppers (pinching them slightly) and the skin will begin to peel off.

You’ll be left with something resembling this. Now chop them up and add them to your recipe in place of diced green chiles.


I’ve used the same method to roast red peppers to make pimento cheese and it worked great. Turns out I can still keep in touch with my Southern roots, no matter where we live.

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