Plain Oatmeal

Plain Oatmeal

When our oldest son was two I taught him his colors by dropping food coloring in his oatmeal.

It was an effortless way to make our mundane breakfast routine a bit more exciting.

It unintentionally became somewhat of a tradition and eleven years later I’m still swirling vibrant drops of color into creamy oats. 
That winsome, curly haired boy is thirteen now.

He didn’t want Lego’s for Christmas this year.

He only wants to watch soccer on the big screen when we go to Chuck E. Cheese.

And last week… he requested oatmeal with no colors.

They weren’t kidding when they said, “Don’t blink!”

I know that colored oatmeal is trivial against the big backdrop of life but his request for plain oats was a reminder of so much more.

My little boy is growing into a young man. His likes and dislikes are changing. His personality is changing. His voice is changing. And what he needs from me as a mom, friend and fellow follower of Christ is changing.

I love that he is growing into a young man but I find myself constantly drifting between loosening my white knuckled fists to allow a young man freedom and locking my arms tightly around him and never letting go.

This new season of parenting can be indescribably sweet and a stark reminder of my dependence on God. Due to the latter, I created a prayer guide that uses scripture to specifically focus on the the things I want for my son.


Prayers For Your Teen Son

James 5:16 says, “the prayer of a righteous person is  powerful and effective”

 My hope is that this simple guide will help other weary moms as we join together to fight for the hearts of our sons.

4 thoughts on “Plain Oatmeal

  1. When you need a good cry, look up Wayne Watson’s Water Colored Ponies! It gets me every time! Your post reminds me of it very much!
    Miss ya’ll!

  2. Sweet Brook,
    Having gone through this twice myself, I completely understand your feelings! And all I can say is, cling to Jesus! Because I prayed very similar prayers for my son and had to start praying an entirely different set of prayers when God answered the first ones! LOL! I think you understand! 😉 We blister our knees as we pray for these young children and often it brings us closer to Jesus! It did for me! Especially when Jesus called my son to Himself with a passion that no one could quench but Him! Thank you for sharing these wonderful prayers for mothers with young teenagers! They are so important! We are praying alongside you for these sweet sons of yours as they get older, that they would love Jesus with everything in them! Love and miss you all!
    Lisa Blakesley

    1. Thank you so much Mrs. Lisa. I know that you honestly mean every word of your post and I’m so thankful for that. Love you!

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