Water Day

Water Day

I’m a true rookie in the world of living overseas and have so much to learn. I mentioned in the Laundry Day post that I’ve never done anything other than turn a knob and out poured an endless supply of clean running water suitable for cooking, doing laundry, washing dishes and even drinking. Ummmm….not the case here. At least it is not the case for the location we are currently living to learn language. Hopefully it will be a different story when we get to our final destination.

First off, let me introduce you to this little gem sitting in our kitchen because the water here isn’t suitable for us to drink.


We use this for drinking, making coffee, brushing our teeth etc. It holds 5 gallons and cost 3 Dinar which is approximately $4.24 USD. It also doubles as a workout for Hubby each week when he gets to carry them up the hill to our apartment.

So, what about the water coming out of our faucet? That’s where the real fun begins.

The water coming fromĀ our faucets comes directly from the tank on the roof of our apartment. Each unit in our apartment complex has it’s own personal water tank sitting on the roof. No, I’m not joking. Ours is the one you can see in the top left corner of the photo.


On just about every roof in our city there are gigantic water tanks that hold the water for each apartment and below the apartment is a second water tank for each unit as well. These two tanks get filled up each Saturday and that is all the water we have to get us through the week. If you empty both of your tanks before “water day” comes around you have to pay the water truck to come and refill your tanks.

These are the water tanks below our complex. Ours is the middle one.


In order to get the water from your bottom tank to your top tank you have to have a pump. Water from the bottom tank will travel approximately 60ft in the air to the roof and fill up your top tank which allows you to have water coming out of your faucet.



What happens if your pump breaks? Your water can’t get to the top and you won’t have water in your apartment for three days meaning no showers, no washing dishes, no flushing toilets, etc. Ask me how I know? Yes, I’m serious.

So, just to recap: One tank up top. One tank down below. Pump to get water from the bottom to the top. Tanks run dry….you’re outta luck!

Now for the most important piece of this puzzle….water day. Each street has a set “water day” each week. Water day is the day the city turns on the water that fills up your tank. I cannot explain to you the excitement surrounding water day. On water day I have to do all of my laundry, boil water to use during the week, wash my fruits and vegetables and do most of my dish washing. Sometimes we take two showers on water day just because we can.

Needless to say, it’s been a lot to learn but we are slowly but surely getting the details of day to day life figured out. And on a positive note, I’ve never been as excited to do laundry as I am on Saturday when water day rolls around.

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  1. So good to read about your life–although the prospect of all that laundry on one day is daunting.

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