Our 4th of July

Our 4th of July

The holidays we are used to celebrating in the states tend to come and go here in the Middle East without a thought unless you are intentional to make them happen.

In an effort to make the 4th of July feel a little more like what we are used to we attempted to have our first “cookout.” Since we don’t have a back porch on our fourth floor apartment, we chose a nice meadow right down the street. Ok, so maybe meadow is a strong word but it was an open field with lots of rocks to scale, plenty of trees to climb and open space to run.

IMG_5781We all know you can’t truly celebrate the 4th of July without a cookout. I channelled my inner Pioneer Woman and managed to whip up some pretty yummy hotdogs via a non conventional cooking method. No need to worry folks, those hot dogs are 100% halal. No pork on our block.


In lieu of fireworks and swimming pools we had a rope thrown over a tree limb or a “Middle Eastern Swing” as we like to call it.

IMG_5782The boys had a blast and have asked almost weekly if we could go back to the “meadow” to play. You see, it’s all about perspective people. And in the eyes of my little guys, it was the best 4th of July celebration a boy could have asked for.


And I must admit, we didn’t think it was half bad either. IMG_5778

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  1. Your survival skills will come in handy if we ever have Y2K! Love the perspective and positive attitude you are teaching your children! #Heisfaithful

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