Our 1st Halloween in the Middle East

Our 1st Halloween in the Middle East

Most of the holidays we are used to celebrating in the states tend to come and go here without any recognition unless you are intentional to celebrate with friends. Halloween is one of those holidays, but my boys didn’t get the memo & were looking forward to celebrating.

We started the morning off with Halloween treat bags and jack-o-lantern pancakes.IMG_9465


The boys all decided they wanted to dress up as Star Wars characters…great, that should be easy. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you can’t find Halloween costumes around these parts so we had to get creative. A trip to the local hardware store and a nearby mall & we were able to find pool noodles, pillowcases, Star Wars patches and rope.


It turned out to be a family affair with all of the boys wanting to help with the costumes. I even managed to find a job for Britten.


At some point in my life I had great aspirations of learning to sew but I never made it past sewing on a button or patching up a hole. But, if I do say so myself, I’m a master with the hot glue gun. We all have our own gifts! 

We cut, tied and glued until we had something that resembled Anakin, Cad Bain, Count Duku and a Jedi Knight…at least in the eyes of my boys.

Now can we just all ooooh and ahhh at how adorable Breck looks in his costume?


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