Ornament Swap 2018

Ornament Swap 2018

The Annual Christmas Swap had a bit of a unique twist this year. Eight days before Christmas one of our boys came down with the flu and three weeks later we were still passing it around between the seven of us. You don’t know excitement until your whole family gets the flu the same week you bring a new puppy home. We endearingly refer to the 2018 Christmas season as “Flumageddon.” I break out in a nervous sweat just thinking about it. 

The flu and date night don’t exactly go hand in hand, so our customary overnight get away didn’t happen. Late one night after we had administered all the meds, cleaned up after the fur baby, got the boys in bed and collapsed on the couch I told Britten we needed some Christmas cheer and suggested we swap ornaments. Between coughs and sneezes we got the ornaments unwrapped and reminisced over our last year together.

And now…we take it to the people and you declare the winner.

If you’re new to the Yearly Ornament Competition Swap read last year’s post to get the details. If you know the story well, you remember that last year I lost and Britten has gloried in his victory for the last 12 months. Tonight, we put our destiny in your hands by asking you to cast your vote. Here are your choices.

Ornament #1

It’s no secret that we are a traveling family. Our boys have been to 10 different countries in the last few years which means we’ve logged more hours in airports and aisle seats than I care to admit. This year marked a major milestone for our little tribe. We moved back on US soil this past summer and our boys haven’t stepped on an airplane since. As outlandish as it sounds, there are days when we desperately miss the chaos of rushing through airports with five kids and seven carry ons. There are days when we miss the thrill of constant change and the excitement of international jet setting. *Sigh*

To commemorate the end of an era, we added this ornament to our tree. We may not be jumping on a plane anytime soon but we will remember the days of terminal transfers and in-flight cuisine every year when we hang the carry-on Christmas ornament.

Ornament #2

The second ornament left us scratching our heads. Although it was certainly beautiful, the significance of the patchwork quilt was a bit of a riddle….

until the next box was opened and nestled deep in the bottom was a handmade t-shirt quilt. The quilt was made from all of the t-shirts we collected during our time in the Middle East. The boy’s basketball jersey’s, a few soccer jerseys and t-shirts from each of the gyms we opened came together to form a sentimental representation of the last five and a half years of our lives.

*Insert Misty Eyes Here*

You’ve seen the options, you’ve heard the stories and now you pick a favorite.

Will Britten reign supreme two years in a row or will Brook dash his hopes and dreams by stealing the title?

It’s all up to you. Cast your vote and come back next week to congratulate the winner.

5 thoughts on “Ornament Swap 2018

  1. I love quilts myself and thus I LOVE the quilt….but knowing your family travel history and how much it effects your lives (those different seasons, I remember well seeing planes in the air and having no expectation of a “soon” flight…..this is so tough…I think I go with the suitcase, but I think you both did a great job this year.

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