Now Accepting Applications

Now Accepting Applications

The Taylor family is now accepting applications for a full- time laundry fairy.

Applicants must not be put off by incredibly insane amounts of dirty laundry.

A magic wand is preferred but not a requirement. Serious applicants should be capable of keeping the washing machine and dryer running simultaneously seven days a week, 365 days a year with little to no complaining. A master’s degree in Stain Removal and a thorough understanding of the dissertation, “The Mystery of the Lost Sock” are non-negotiable.

This position highly discourages the need for personal days or time off however, in emergency situations time off will be granted provided the applicant understands all laundry will be waiting upon return, twice as high as the day before. 

Applicants who are easily overwhelmed or apprehensive about “unusual” boy smells need not apply. Send applications to :

“One Tired Mom”

1412 Loads of Fun Lane

Laundry Room, NC 28469


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