My Favorite Apps

My Favorite Apps

Because the process of learning the Arabic language is killing off brain cells one by one I’m writing a blog post today that doesn’t require much thinking.

It’s been a while since I’ve found any apps that were blog worthy. However, recently I’ve come across a few that are making life a bit easier over here in the desert.

I got home the other day and realized I had paid $14.00 for Maybeline Mascara that usually costs $5.00 in the states. Not anymore. With my new handy dandy Currency Convertor App I always know exactly what I’m paying for things. This is a great app to have if you travel abroad at all.

UnknownI may or may not lose my Iphone  on a daily  weekly regular basis. The hubs was kind enough to install the Find My Iphone App which works like a GPS.


Whenever I can’t find my phone he pulls up the map on his iPhone and it tells him exactly where my phone is. Now, as long as he keeps up with his phone I’m in good shape. It also works on your other electronic devices in the event you know someone that has a difficult time keeping up with things. Uh-hmm. I plead the fifth.

I’m constantly timing my kids for some odd reason. How long you should brush your teeth, how long you can play the Wii, math drills, etc. so a cute little kid friendly timer is a must in this home. I really like the Children’s Countdown Visual Timer.  All my homeschool mamas and teacher peeps need to go ahead and get this one now.


This last one doesn’t really simplify my life or make anything easier but it does add a splash of sassy to my day and that makes me happy. The Monogram app lets you create wallpaper backgrounds with all sorts of different colors and fonts and save them to your home screen.


There ya have it. A mindless post from a brain wreaking from the affects of three Arabic midterms all in the same week. Does anybody have an app for that?

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