Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Curriculum

Just when I thought I had finally found a curriculum that was working well for our family, life took a few unexpected turns and I became a full time language student/homeschool mom. And while I am over the top thankful for Rachel and the help she was to our family this past year (I mean like…could not have done it without her kind of thankful) I’m so incredibly overjoyed to be the one responsible for educating my boys again.

Of course there are difficult days. To be quite honest, it’s a tremendous struggle to balance language, homeschool, family life and the 10,000 other things that come with living overseas . Yes, there are days when we find ourselves finishing school at 6:00 p.m. but can I just say how thankful I am to be on this homeschool journey with these crazy kiddos.


Now, all my fellow homeschool mama’s know the excitement that is felt when the new curriculum arrives on your front door step. It just makes our geeky little hearts pound with excitement. Now, multiply that by 100 and you get the feeling you have when your homeschool curriculum arrives on the other side of the world.  photo.PNG

Because my time is divided between language classes and homeschool, I needed to make a few curriculum changes that allowed some of the boys’  school to be done independently and on the computer. Here are my curriculum choices for this year.

Brooks/Kindergarten: God’s Creation from A to Z (My Father’s World)

Brody/1st Grade: Learning God’s Story (My Father’s World) and Math 3 Teaching Textbooks. I added a different math and reading to his school work because he was a little ahead of what the 1st grade curriculum included.  I ordered tons of the National Geographic Readers and so far my three oldest boys can’t get enough of them. I would highly recommend them. Not to mention when we use them for reading I feel totally justified in checking off the “Science” and “Reading” box for the day. I call that a win-win.

Braeden/4th Grade: Exploring Countries and Cultures (My Father’s World), Teaching Textbooks Math 5, Rosetta Stone Arabic, Intermediate Language Lessons, Spelling Power and Writing Strands 3.

I am also currently using the IXL Math, Spelling City and IXL Language Arts websites to give me a break on the days I need to breathe for a minute supplement our daily curriculum.

So, that is what our school year is looking like for the year. I’d love to hear what you are using or what websites and methods make your daily homeschool journey a little more feasible.


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