Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Our housing situation seems to be of utmost interest, so today I’m sharing a few pictures of our new home and hood. We were incredibly fortunate to arrive and be driven directly to our furnished apartment. Yep, it was that easy. A lady from a company that was contracted out picked our home, filled it with furniture and stocked it with the basics necessities (drinking water, toilet paper, sandwich supplies, etc.).

Now, I realize the idea of someone else picking the neighborhood you live in, the place you call home and the things that will go inside doesn’t sound the least bit appealing to most of you. But, when your family of six has lived out of suitcases for over five months you’d be amazed how excited you get over the simple act of hanging clothes on a coat hanger and putting them in a closet. It’s the little things, people.  It really is.

Let me be the first to welcome you to OUR new home. Our apartment is on the back side with a beautiful view of the city.


Our home (which is difficult at times to distinguish from the 10,000+ other sandstone colored buildings) is situated nicely on top of a little long and very steep hill, but like I said in the water day postit’s a great workout so we really don’t mind, most days.  Here’s a photo of our new neighborhood.


At the bottom of our hill, just a short walk away, is a tiny strip mall. The strip mall has a dry cleaner, dukan (think small town grocery store with the basic necessities), falafel shop, toy store, pharmacy, produce stand, hair salon and an auto mechanic.


And what more could a girl really ask for?

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