Home Sweet Home (Pt.2)

Home Sweet Home (Pt.2)

Earlier this month I posted some pics of our new home and hood.  Today I’m going to reveal the inside as it was when we arrived.

But, before I do, I have a little phrase I need to share with you that goes like this, “We’re in the Middle East.” I’m sure you already knew that, but it’s a phrase we use around our here when things are not the way we had anticipated or things are really different than what we are used to.

For example, yesterday I was hosting 9 adults and 8 children in our new home for dinner. Around 12:30 that afternoon I headed to the grocery store to pick up what I needed to cook. When I arrived everything was closed. The mall was closed. The grocery store was closed. The pharmacy was closed. Everything, literally. On the ride home the taxi driver told me that Friday is the holy day here in the Middle East and Arabs go to the mosque to pray. Therefore, everything was closed until 1:30. Sounds a lot like Sunday in the states, huh? When I walked back in the apartment with nothing in my hand I received a blank stare from my husband to which I replied, “We’re in the Middle East.”

When I can’t get the tops of my muffins to cook, only the bottom… We’re in the Middle East.

When all four boys climb in the back of a taxi with no carseats or seat belts… We’re in the Middle East.

When the grocery bagger at the local store wants to carry my son out to the cab because he loves his blonde hair… We’re in the Middle East.

And…when you walk into your new home only to find it a bit different that what you are accustomed to… We’re in the Middle East.

It goes without saying that we are incredibly grateful to have a home that was waiting on us upon arrival. But at the same time my girly/homeaker side is anxious to get some curtains and rugs in an effort to make it feel more like home. So, today I’m posting the “this is how it was when we arrived” pics and as we make changes to the various rooms maybe I’ll find the time to post those as well.

Home sweet home…

When you walk in our front door you are in a long hallway…


To the left is a guest bathroom…


 …and the next door to the left is the salon…AKA living room.


If you continue down the long hall you will walk straight into our dining room. And in case you were wondering what those wires are sticking out of the wall, they are in the event you want to add heating and air to your home. You’ll see them in a few of the other rooms as well. IMG_8777

The dining room opens up to my favorite room in the house and the one I spend the most time in, the kitchen.


Continue through the dining room/kitchen area and you’ll find yourself in another hallway with three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.


Here is the master bedroom and the master bath.



IMG_8781Yes, that’s a bidet but we can talk about that another day.

Breck/Braeden are currently sharing a room and Brody/Brooks share a room. I only took one photo because the rooms pretty much look the same. IMG_8772

And last, our balcony which just so happens to have a stunning view of the city…especially at night.IMG_8786

As you can see we’ve got plenty of room so who wants to come visit?????

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  1. I’m sending hugs for all the “we’re in the Middle East” moments. I can only imagine the mental adjustments but know that you are going to rock that place with your southern style and charm 🙂

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