Has it really been ten years?

Has it really been ten years?

10 years….marriage is an incredible gift and a wild journey with my hubby.

9 moves… we started our marriage moving to North Carolina and have most recently moved a bit further over to the Middle East, not to mention a few others in between.

8 job changes… In a period of time where many were struggling to find work due to an economy that tanked, we’ve been so fortunate to have steady income provided by wonderful employment. The hubs has been in 3 primary jobs, but early on in marriage while he was finishing up his degree, we had to bounce around a bit to make ends meet.

7 household pets….despite the fact that we aren’t animal lovers…the things you’ll do for your kiddos. Needless to say, we’ve had many a funeral around the toilet bowl for our beta fish.

6 different homes… don’t feel sorry for me, it’s just the way we’ve done things. The longest we’ve stayed anywhere was three years.

5 pregnancies… one unfortunately ended in a miscarriage.

4 incredible sons… Yep, we’re rock stars in this part of the world. We get told most every day, “You’re a good arab family.”

3 different states… VA, NC, AL

2 different continents… One in the West and one in the East.

1 covenant… with my amazing husband.


Happy 10th anniversary to the man that keeps me on my toes, never allows life to get dull and causes me to know Christ more on a daily basis. I love you to the moon and back BT! I wouldn’t live this crazy life with anyone else in the world besides you.

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  1. I’m thankful for such a wonderful SNL that loves the Lord and his family. He has been an answer to prayer. Actually many prayers offered up by a loving grandmother and at the time, a soon to be MNL. Of course he is blessed to be married to the most precious lady in the world. You too are an incredible wife, mother and daughter. I love you both very much!

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