Embracing the Wait

Embracing the Wait

Our youngest recently celebrated his fifth birthday. The grandeur and revelry I firmly believe should accompany any birthday celebration failed to exist.

He gave hilariously detailed instructions outlining his ideal celebration.

No party. No cake. No birthday song. No decorations. He simply requested lunch at Chili’s because they have tablets on the tables for guests to play.

In my 14+ years of mommydom I can’t recall a more effortless birthday celebration. #momwin

He was delighted to get money in the mail from his grandmothers and immediately wanted to search Amazon for the fishing pole he’d dreamt about.

He chose this one and I promised to order it later that week because I had other things I needed from Amazon and wanted to order them all together.

The next day his affection for the superior online fishing pole was replaced by a desperation to have a fishing pole right now. Despite my numerous attempts to convince him to wait, he caved and spent his birthday money on a cheap, plastic, Spider Man fishing pole. 

Less than 24 hours later the Spider Man fishing pole was lying on the floor, broken and no longer useful. I was bothered by his unwillingness to wait on something better. If he’d only been patient for the Amazon delivery he would have had a fishing pole that was far superior to the cheap imitation he insisted on having.

I climbed high up on my mommy soapbox and began to gently explain to my five year old why he should have waited. I reminded him that his new fishing pole was now broken and useless because he was unwilling to wait on something far better.

I needed him to see the foolishness of his decision so my well crafted mommy lecture was in full swing when I felt the Lord gently remind me, that I’m not that different from my five year old.

I don’t like to wait. I like to take matters into my own hands and solve problems myself. When the Lord doesn’t move as quickly as I’d like or in the way I need Him to, I am tempted to cave in desperation and settle for a cheap imitation of something far better.

“O Lord, we wait for you; your name and remembrance are the desire of our soul” (Isaiah 26:8)

Waiting can be grueling. It can be all the more difficult when there are no guarantees that our waiting will ever end in this life. Desires we have, prayers we’ve prayed for so long or news we’ve been waiting to hear can tempt us to be impatient, discouraged, to worry or  to wonder if God really cares. But….

“Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we’re waiting for.” -Charles Stanley

Running ahead of God and choosing not to embrace the waiting season can seem like a good idea in the moment but often times can leave us with a fishing pole that’s broken and useless when a much greater option was on the horizon.

I don’t want the broken fishing pole, I want what’s out on the horizon so today I choose to embrace the wait.

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