DIY Bubble Recipe and Bubble Wands

DIY Bubble Recipe and Bubble Wands

Did I mention we live in a fourth floor apartment? Oh, and the fact that the Lord has been gracious to bless us with five rowdy boys? I love my wild boys. I love being a boy mom….I don’t however, always know what to do when we are trapped inside with nothing to do for days on end. It’s one thing when I can send them out to wrestle in the back yard, climb a tree or ride bikes until their little legs fall off.  But for today, I totally understand what the phrase, “climbing the walls” really means.IMG_9296 I’ve scoured the internet, tapped the brains of fellow moms , sought wisdom from those that have gone before me and pestered the fool out of my teacher friends in search of ideas to keep my rowdy young’uns occupied. A while back I shared my Play-doh recipe and today I’m going to share the bubble recipe I like.

There are a giz-million different bubble recipes but I needed one that was #1: EASY and #2: did not contain crazy ingredients I can’t find in the desert. That pretty much weeded out most of the recipes. Here is one that you probably have the stuff in your kitchen right now to make and actually works.

-3 c. water

-1 cup dishwashing liquid (I just used whatever generic brand we had at the house that day)

-1/2 cup corn syrup (light or dark)

Mix ingredients and heat in microwave for 30 seconds. Mix again, let cool. The end. Some of the recipes said let the solution sit for 24 hours before using but lets be honest, who has time for that? You can add food coloring to make it fun but my dishwashing liquid was green so that did the trick just fine. Store the bubble solution in something with a lid if your kids spill things as often as mine do. I cut the above recipe in half and we had more than enough. IMG_0562

If you happen to have beads or pipe cleaners stuffed in a drawer somewhere you can twist them up, let your kids string beads on them and call it a craft. Now you have your own bubble wands. We learned the hard way that the smaller circles seem to work better.



Disclaimer: When the last of the bubbles are blown or the bubble solution gets spilled (whichever may come first) you need to have “bath time” next up on the list. The syrup in the solution can make it kind of sticky which is a great reason to get my whole crew clean.


2 thoughts on “DIY Bubble Recipe and Bubble Wands

  1. Tell the truth. Those are YOUR snazzy bead designs on those pipe cleaners. No way your boys followed patterns like that. 😉 Or at least, mine wouldn’t.

    1. Ha! I can only claim the pink one. The boys made the rest. You know I’ve got a couple of artsy-fartsy kids in my brood. Oh, and Breck got creative w/the all blue one. Original, right?

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