Debunking the Family Worship Myth

Debunking the Family Worship Myth

I think sometimes it’s easy to hear people talk about certain topics and get an idealistic (or sometimes just plain wrong) view of the matter at hand.

It’s happened in my own life before. You know, a mom brings up a subject in conversation and before I know it I’ve played out the scenario in my head exactly the way “I imagine it.”  For example, I recently spoke with a dear friend who was asking questions about homeschool curriculum and mentioned that her four year old was already sounding out short words.  In my right mind, I knew exactly what she meant. Her child is showing an interest in reading. Her daughter can sound out short words without assistance. End of story. But, part of me turned it into something it wasn’t.

-Wow…my friend must be so diligent to take time out of each day and practice reading with her child. I’m such a slacker mom.

-Gah! Why is my five year old not the least bit interested in the alphabet…much less reading? He’s never going to get into college.

-I’ve got to do a better job working with (insert child’s name here) on reading. Why haven’t I started that yet? Tomorrow I will do better.

Let’s be honest, we all do it.

I’ve wondered if sometimes when I use phrases like “family game night” or “taking children into a worship service with us” people get an unrealistic view of what actually happens in those settings.

Maybe you didn’t get the wrong idea in the past when I’ve used the term “family worship”. But, just in case you had a mental image of our five boys sitting quietly on the couch with the Scripture open while Britten walks our family through an expositional study of the Word, followed by me singing a solo and the boys lying prostrate in worship on the floor….let me share with you a more realistic picture of family worship at the Taylor house.

1. It generally lasts 15 minutes or less.

2. We  have to pull out Mr. Spank Spoon 82% of the time. (ok, maybe that’s being dramatic but you get the idea)

3. Breck is a wild-man. That kid can’t sit still for 20secs.

4. Sometimes one or more of our boys will show up to family worship in underwear…I wish I were kidding.

5. Don’t think FBC Small Town, GA; think 3 Ring Circus.

6. We pray. We read the Word. And we sign a song of worship. That’s it.

To give you a glimpse into our time… we videoed our 3yr old singing his song of praise to his God.

Singing, yes. In his undies, you betcha!

Oh, and please ignore the fact that I can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Thats just one more realistic picture of Family Worship: Taylor style.

One thought on “Debunking the Family Worship Myth

  1. That’s still more than most families do and there is nothing wrong with those of us who struggle looking to families like yours for inspiration! I love it the realness the nothing is going to stop us! I appreciate you giving it all to God and humbling yourself b/c that what you are instructed to do! I so love reading about what’s going on with the other side of the world and cont to pray for your family

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