Curriculum Choices

Curriculum Choices

Although I’ve been greatly pleased with the curriculum we have used for the past couple of years we are changing things up a bit for next school year. Because we were moving overseas and shipping would be a nightmare we needed to figure out all of our curriculum needs eight months before we would actually be using the curriculum. For my homeschool peeps that know what a challenge curriculum selection can be…you feel my pain. We were in the middle of the school year using one set of curriculum and now I needed to think through curriculum selection for the next school year for two children because Brody would be starting kindergarten in the fall. In the past I’ve tried to finish up the school year before I began trying to wrap my mind around what the next year would look like, that wouldn’t be the case this time.

I sought the advice of those who had gone before me and decided an all in one curriculum would be much easier given all of the other changes that were right around the corner.

In the fall this little man will start kindergarten.

IMG_8043I chose the Go Phonics curriculum for him along with Saxon Math One.

Braeden will begin third grade in the fall using Saxon Math Three, First Language Lessons Level 3, and My Father’s World  for everything else. Now, can we just all pause for a moment of silence because I’ll have a third grader and be schooling two children for the first time since my homeschool career began.

IMG_8271For our Bible time we will be using God’s Promises and the two older boys will begin Arabic lessons as well.

Needless to say I’m super excited about our new curriculum but not nearly as excited as I am about my new co-teacher that arrives in two weeks!!!!


2 thoughts on “Curriculum Choices

  1. Yay for choosing curriculum! It is such an daunting task! And I met your sweet co-teacher just a few weeks ago and I know you are so ready to have her there with you. Love you friend!

  2. Hey Brooke!
    I emailed you earlier about your homeschooling. Scott had his meeting w/ his Dean this week and his sabbatical was approved!! We are so excited and need to work out the details but it looks like we may be going to China in Jan 2015. That being said, I have never home schooled and I have 4 kids. 11, 10, 7, 6 (6th, 5th, 2nd, and K) What cover are you using and how have you liked your curriculums?? Thanks for any advice you have! You guys are in our prayers!
    In Christ,
    Nanette Bickel <

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