Christmas in August

Christmas in August

I realize I’m in the wrong season to be blogging about Christmas but, I recently remembered I never posted about our yearly Christmas ornament competition exchange. And, since Christmas is only a few months away I need to play catch up because lets be honest, I need a way to remember these things.

If you’re new to Passport for Six and have never heard the story I posted on the old blog (Too Many B’s) then let me catch you up to speed with a slimmed down version of the original story. For those of you that already know, skip the next paragraph and get to the good stuff.

Basically, our first Christmas together as husband and wife we didn’t have the money to buy each other Christmas gifts. Britten was in graduate school and I was a first grade teacher raking in the big bucks. We came up with the idea to buy each other a Christmas ornament that, in some way, represented our last year of life together. The tradition stuck and because Britten and I both have a serious competitive streak…it soon turned into a competition. We are now approaching our 12th Christmas as husband and wife and the tradition is still going strong.

Now, let me back up a bit. This past year we spent our first Christmas overseas which brought many changes to what Christmas looks like in our home. Things were running along pretty smoothly until about a week before Christmas I realized our yearly Christmas ornament exchange wouldn’t be possible. The ornament selection here is severely limited…and that’s putting it nicely. I pouted for a little bit and then my brain went into overdrive trying to figure out another option and then BAM! I got it.

I decided we would get online and choose an ornament. We would order the ornaments and have them sent to my parents house for safe keeping. Each of us then secretly printed out a picture of the ornament we had chosen and wrapped it up to go under the tree. It would basically be just like swapping ornaments but without the actual ornament. Genius, right?


Christmas night we all hopped on a  plane and headed to Dubai for a little vacation so we threw the ornaments in our suitcase and decided to open them when we arrived.

I found this little beauty on Etsy. It’s the country we live in right now with the date we first arrived. Swoon.


And, of course, Britten decided to go the humorous route. You see, for 15 months after arriving here we didn’t have a car. Which means we were piling all six (and for a short time seven) Taylor’s into a taxi with no air, no heat, no seat belts, no car seats, etc. It was a sanctifying experience to say the least and one we will never forget. To commemorate such  special time in our lives, Britten chose this.

UnknownClassic, huh? I love it!

If I do say so myself, it was a great year for ornaments in the Taylor house. And I’m sure with all that has transpired in our lives over the past year, this Christmas will bring a plethora of interesting ornaments to choose from.

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  1. Brooke,
    I think that is a beautiful tradition that you and Britten are doing. It reminds me of things Kenneth and I did together. Like our first Christmas together Kenneth decided he wanted to do the 12 days of christmas and so 12 days in a row I got what every girl loves which is a piece of jewelry, from little diamond earrings to finally on the 12th day a set of pearls that I wore in our wedding ceremony. He was way more imaginative (and way more expensive) than what I got him which was a set of hard to find books and after much searching on eBay and other places I finally found them. Of course I felt like a cheap skate as I got my gifts and he got well 12 books. But our first Christmas together we got a real live Christmas tree and it became a tradition as well. We also always bought our tee at marvins in trussvile. The year he passed away I decided Kendall & I would carry this tradition on, but sadly as I arrived at Marvins i was devastated to see that they had gone out of business. It was the one thing that I was sure Kendall & I could do & make happy memories, memories that would help her remember that the first 4 christmases we had together as a family. I cried like a baby because this place where we had purchased 12 Christmas trees together was gone. It really broke my heart, we have since found other places to buy our trees from but last year was the first year I thought our tree was as pretty as the ones we had purchased together and wow they are always way more expensive. So keep this ornament tradition alive no matter where you are and whatever hoops you have to go thru to make it happen. It’s a beautiful tradition and those ornament represent the most tender moments between the two of you. Much love

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