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Fighting Against Envy

Fighting Against Envy

We recently visited a Japanese inspired restaurant in our city that not only gives trainer chopsticksbut serves green tea and hot cocoa at the end of the meal. 

After dinner the waiter presented our four older boys with a steaming cup of hot cocoa in an adorable porcelain cup. For reasons I do not need to list, he chose not to give our youngest son a cup.

In approximately 0.4 seconds the entire restaurant knew that our boys had been given something the baby brother had not. The tears started to flow and the deafening sobs echoed throughout the room.

My heart raced and my cheeks flushed with embarrassment as I imagined the other parents glaring at me with disapproval. I quietly growled at the baby in my mean mommy voice while donning a forced smile tried to settle him down but nothing worked. The waiter realized the situation and rushed over with a cup of cocoa and the weeping and gnashing of teeth tears ceased.

Riding home that evening I thought about the fact that my heart can be equally as grimy when I don’t get what I want…and even more so when someone else does. And though I may not scream and cry in the middle of a quiet restaurant, if my thoughts were displayed for the world to see, it wouldn’t always be a pretty picture.


It’s hard when things don’t go like we’d hoped but we all experience it, in one way or another.

  • Someone else got chosen for the job you desperately wanted.
  • You’ve tried incessantly to get pregnant and another friend posted a sonar pic announcing her pregnancy.
  • You’ve been a bridesmaid so many times you could open a store front for gown rental but you’re still single.
  • Your friend posted a picture of an epic girls night out…except you weren’t invited.
  • You’ve lived in a rental home since day one of your married life and another friend just moved into her dream home.
  • You can’t afford to take your family to the beach for the weekend but everyone else is spending two weeks at a five star Disney resort.
  • You want to be a stay at home mom and go on playdates with all of your stay at home mommy friends but that just isn’t an option.
  • You can’t lose those extra pounds and all your girlfriends are sporting skinny jeans and posting bikini pics on social media.

One of my favorite quotes on the matter is from Lisa Terkeurst.

“But then there were other moments. Hard moments. Moments when I felt my friends’ lives were rushing past me in a flurry of met goals, new opportunities, and affirmations of their callings from God. It seemed like the world was literally passing me by.”

But what I would add to the quote is that at times as I’ve watched “the world pass me by” I’ve grown envious of what God is doing in another’s life. How quickly my sinful flesh wanted to resent another’s success or what someone else had. In a matter of seconds I became completely unaware of all the things I do have because I was blinded by the things I don’t. Instead of celebrating joy in another person’s life the bitter seed of envy took root and caused me to take my eyes off of Christ.

“A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” Proverbs 14:30

Over time I’ve learned to recognize the warning signs in my own heart and developed a plan to turn my heart to God.

First– I search my heart to determine what about the situation is making me jealous. Is it an unfulfilled desire or a sense of entitlement? Does the envy stem from deep rooted fear or a sense of insecurity?

“Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my anxious thoughts”  Psalm 139:23

Second– I confess my sin & ask for forgiveness.

“Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper,
but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.” Proverbs 28:13

Third-  I begin to praise God for what He has accomplished in the other person’s life. This part can be initially painful but the act of self discipline can change the focus of my heart almost immediately.

“Sing to the LORD, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.” Isaiah 12:5

Today, let’s not to conceal the presence of envy in our hearts and instead let’s celebrate His faithfulness in our lives and the lives of others.

What Makes A Gifted Homemaker

What Makes A Gifted Homemaker

I was recently talking with a friend when she nonchalantly referred to me as a gifted homemaker. Homemaking wasn’t the main focus of the conversation so I chose not to derail things by shifting gears.  However, the comment got my attention and caused me to linger on the subject a little longer in my head.

I’ve never really considered myself a gifted homemaker. So for a few days I tumbled thoughts around in my head like a favorite pair of jeans bouncing around in the dryer. I thought a lot about the different homes we’ve lived in, the numerous homes we’ve visited and even the home I dream of having someday.

I tried to pinpoint the specific details about the homes that belong to what I consider “gifted homemakers” but I couldn’t find a common thread. I couldn’t figure out exactly what makes someone a gifted homemaker. Is it a beautiful home? Is it the ability to decorate with the latest trends? Does a woman have to be gifted in the areas of organization? Do you need a large house so you can host and entertain often? To be a gifted homemaker do you have to channel your inner Joanna Gaines? I wasn’t exactly sure what makes someone gifted in the area of homemaking.

We recently traveled to Georgia for a few days away. Some friends in the area graciously offered their home to us while her family stayed with in-laws. Our party of seven took up residence in their home and when we left on Sunday I was in awe of her “homemaking skills.” After our little weekend get away it all came together- I was finally aware of exactly what makes a gifted homemaker. I jotted down a few specific things about her home that I hope to soon replicate in my own.

5. Homes do not have to be massive.  I’m in no way saying that you can’t have an enormous home and still be a gifted homemaker– you certainly can. However, the size of your home doesn’t matter one tiny bit.

4. Home decor should be a reflection of your personality, not the popular design trends.  Trends and styles come and go but unfortunately style isn’t eternal. It’s only a matter of time before the shiplap, reclaimed wood and open floor plans that dominate the interior design world of today will be out of style and dated. Instead of following the trends, I want the inside of my home to reflect who I am and what our lives are about.

There are several young children in my friend Christy’s home and little glimpses of their personalities and daily lives can be seen in every room of the house. Being in her home gave me better insight into her family and her heart.

IMG_7205 2

3. Your home should be a delicate reflection of who you are and what you value most in this life.

You can’t be in my friend’s home for more than a few minutes without knowing what in her life is most important. Eight years, and four kids, later her wedding photographs and marriage certificate serve as a reminder of a lifelong covenant.


2. Homes are to be lived in. This one doesn’t come easy for me. I tend to function better when beds are made, throw pillows are fluffed and closet doors are closed. I’m going to blame it on my suppressed OCD but seriously…the struggle is real.

My mom once told me about a friend that fluffed the throw pillows on her couch 2-3 times a day to keep them looking pristine. She was one day diagnosed with cancer and decided that life was too short to spend fluffing throw pillows. With tears in her eyes she recounted the wasted time she had spent fluffing throw pillows instead of living the life she had been given. She vowed to use her final days to truly live in her house and never waste the time the Lord had given fluffing pillows.

Her story reminds me to walk past the throw pillows that are tossed on the floor and embrace the days I have with my family.

1. Our homes should be a refuge from the craziness of this world– a place where you can meet with God regularly.

The combination of those things I mentioned before made my time in my friend’s home so enjoyable, but there was something else that made me want to be in her house. The Spirit of the Lord dwelt within the walls of her home and I found myself wanting to linger there a little longer.

Early one morning I was the only one awake. I tiptoed, ever so quietly, into the living room and opened my Bible. As I flipped through the pages, dimly illuminated by the lamplight I was reminded of  2 Chronicles 7:15-16…

Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayer that is made in this place. For now I have chosen and consecrated this house that my name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will be there for all time.

The oversized comfy chair beckoned me to procrastinate the day’s to do list and dwell in the presence of the Lord. It was sitting in that chair that I realized the Spirit of the Lord dwelled in that home and above all else, that’s what made me want to be there.

I’m not putting this here to serve as a cozy home checklist. It’s here to remind me of what I truly cherish in a home. In a few short weeks we will begin to search for our 13th home in 13 years of marriage and as often as I’m asking the Lord for outdoor space for our boys and enough space to create a schoolroom, I’m asking that His name will be in our home forever.

Prayer Words

Prayer Words

I have a love–hate relationship with the beginning of a new school year. I hate saying goodbye to the lazy days of summer, learning new curricula and schedules, the rampageous tax free weekend back-to-school shopping and trying to determine how everything is going to get squeezed into the day.

At the same time, I love that our days are more routine, new packs of vibrantly colored crayons, little ones climbing in my lap to read  books and I especially love how the beginning of a school year is a natural time to reflect back on the previous year.

crayonsBefore we dive head first into a new school year, as their teacher, I set aside some time to think about each of our school aged boys. I ask God to show me areas of strength and maturity each child has displayed in the previous school year and then I thank Him for developing those traits in each of them.

I then spend time praying for God to show me areas that may be lacking or need further development. I choose one specific word that embodies what I’m asking Him to do in that particular child’s life and I make that their “prayer word” for the year. I usually choose a verse of Scripture to accompany each child’s word which makes it easy for me to pray that Scripture over them.

He shall remain nameless but I’m guessing if you’ve spent any time with our family you know who got the word “self-control.”  I’m praying Proverbs 25:28 over him and he’s working diligently to memorize it. “Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self control.”

I found a cute little Etsy shop that makes adorable wooden signs. I had a personalized wooden sign made for each child to put on their desk and also to remind me to pray for them often.



As a mom it’s so easy for me to get frustrated with characteristics (or the lack there of) in my children. Choosing a prayer word for the year allows me to temporarily step out of my role as mom and look at things from the perspective of a teacher. My hope is that when I’m wanting to bang my head against a wall because the b’s look like d’s, the paintbrush got sharpened in the pencil sharpener and the five year old is still reading “bed” as “bad” I can exhale and be reminded of the eternal value that can be accomplished with one heartfelt prayer to a Good, Good Heavenly Father.

Meet Snatch

Meet Snatch

On a scale of 1 to 10 I fall somewhere between a -2 and -3 in regards to how much I like dogs. I know some of you just unsubscribed from the blog because of that little known fact but stay with me here. I’m about to redeem my self.

When our oldest son was two years old we spent our life savings on a six week old, AKC registered Chocolate Lab named “Bauer.” He was absolutely beautiful and completely horrible all at the same time. We are pretty sure he was unleashed from the pits of….

Needless to say, Bauer put a bad taste in my mouth for dogs and it’s been a long, hard road to overcome the distaste.

For several years I’ve tried to appease our boys by letting them have several different fish, a sweet little turtle– we even allowed for a couple of baby ducks.


And, my goodness, who will ever forget the fluorescent chickens.

Despite my efforts to curb their desire for a dog they kept asking, and asking, and asking. For the last 3 1/2 years our easy out has been that we were living in a non-dog friendly environment in the M.E. However, now that we are back for some time, that excuse no longer stood the test.

It’s a long, crazy story that involves a lake house, a huge pit bull, the Talledega Country animal shelter and a grumpy old man… but, at the end of the day, we got us a dog!

Quick recap.

Early one Saturday morning- Stray dog is hanging around my parents lake house and my mom notices him. She immediately liked him and tried to convince us we needed to take him home. I said, “NO!”

Saturday Mid-morning- My Mom takes *said* dog in and gives him a bath so he doesn’t stink like a pile of rotten garbage. He comes out crisp, clean and dropping some serious puppy eyes on me. I say, “Maybe.” Husband says, “Absolutely not.”

Noonish on the same Saturday- I decide I want the dog to come home with us and I need to convince the Husband, so I decide to give him a pretty legit CrossFit name- “Snatch”

Mid-afternoon- Kids are crying because they want the dog so badly. I’m giving Husband the full on pitch of why this is the coolest dog ever.

Early evening- Dog hops in our car and officially becomes part of the Fam.

The rest is history.

In a matter of hours we went from being completely anti-dog to head over heels smitten with an adorable little 8 lb. Jack-Chi named “Snatch.”


And he’s going to kill me for posting this but I’m not the only one that is starry eyed over our little fur baby.







Brody Turns Eight

Brody Turns Eight

This past weekend we celebrated a very special birthday- our sweet Brody turned eight.

He decided he’d rather go to Kidzania and then out to dinner with our family- in lieu of the usual party.

{Fist bump to all my fellow moms who have ever managed to get out of the birthday party planning craziness}

While I’m on the subject of Kidzania, you should go if you ever have the opportunity. My boys ages 4-10 think it’s the most fun place they’ve ever been. It’s like all of the best field trips you’ve ever been on rolled up into one awesome place.

We arrived  around 11:00 am and stuck around until 10:00 pm- when it finally closed.

To say my boys love that place is a huge understatement.


The place is like a city that is ran and ruled by kids. They have newspapers, fast food restaurants, sports teams, grocery stores, radio stations. Kids learn to be producers and consumers and earn Kidzos for the work they do which can be spent in the Kidzania store.

Most of the day they were much too busy working for the various shops to stop for a photo-op, but they know mom is relentless with the camera, so they finally stopped and let me have a moment.


In a city where they can make Coca-Cola, be an airline pilot or host their own radio show these boys had a hard time pulling away from the allure of the Kidzania Soccer Stadium.

IMG_5045The next day our Birthday Boy was able to choose any restaurant in the city for his birthday dinner. It was no surprise that he chose Texas Roadhouse because he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

Can we just talk about how awesome it is that we live in the Middle East and have a Texas Roadhouse? There is no shortage of good food in our neighborhood.

IMG_1279After dinner the manager brought Brody a brownie topped with ice cream and a candle. That meant Momma got out of baking a cake! Score for the home team.


The highlight of the night was when the waiter brought a saddle over and had Brody climb up on it. They all sang “Happy Birthday” to him, which was hardly recognizable with the strong accents.  Good thing the hand clapping, cheering and hollering made it a memory for the ages. And I honestly can’t think of a more perfect celebration for such an amazing young man. We love you Bro Bro!

Happy 8th Birthday!


Meet Squirt

Meet Squirt

My boys love animals. Not like them, not really care for them…. love them. They pet every stray cat that crosses their path- and that’s one about ever 45 seconds where we live. The baby even squeals with delight and points uncontrollably at the stray cats who have taken up residence outside our building and in our dumpster. They check the W.W.F. endangered species directory on a regular basis.They run an animal rescue operation consisting of stuffed animals…


Brooks is distraught for the rest of the day when he sees garbage in the ocean because he says it’s not healthy for the fish.


They add things like “Bull Dog” and “Golden Retriever” to their Christmas list despite the fact that we live in an apartment on the fifth floor…


(Sidenote: I realize the fact that my boys make “Christmas Lists” is totally pagan and puts a blemish on my efforts to “treasure Christ in Christmas.” Blame their Grandmother.)

Back to my post… They even minimize my efforts to teach them to pray for others, by putting the Amur Leopard (an endangered species) on their prayer board….IMG_1121

I’m not really a pet person and hide behind the excuse that we live in an apartment on the top floor of our building and have no room for pets. This excuse allows me to continue to live a happy, pet free life while staying in the good graces of my pet loving children.

However, sometimes I’m overcome with guilt by the fact that my children have never experienced the misery sheer joy of being pet owners. That is exactly what happened to me recently when a friend offered to buy them a pet turtle. I caved.

So, we are now in the animal owning venture. We have reluctantly happily adopted a turtle. The boys named him– Squirt.


He’s a Red Eared Slider Turtle and measures a whopping two inches. He lives in a glass aquarium on the nightstand in Breck and Brooks’ bedroom. We are trying to teach those little guys the value of hard work by entrusting to them the responsibility of keeping the tank clean and feeding him daily. So far, so good.

IMG_1056He seems to be a happy little guy- which is good news, considering our last pet committed suicide due to the sheer unhappiness of his life (our fish took his own life by jumping out of his bowl when we weren’t looking…we found him the next day). Considering our track record, I was leery of taking on another living creature. Honestly, that probably explains why we’ve had Squirt for two months and you’re just now hearing about him.

Despite my hesitations, I’m pleased to announce that Squirt is an absolute joy. I even find myself liking the little guy. He’s super easy to care for, swims towards us when we come near his tank and has even learned to eat out of the boy’s hand. What more could a kid ask for? Besides Salmonella.

The boys have decided if they do a good job caring for Squirt then they graduate to the next level of pet ownership and can choose something really exciting like a Lemur. And since there are no exotic pet laws where we live I’m gonna need some help coming up with a good excuse for that one.

It Works For Me: Conversation Starter Sticks

It Works For Me: Conversation Starter Sticks

I recognize this post could easily be received as an “I’ve got it all together so look what I do” kind of thing so I’m going to shoot that one down right outta’ the gate. This idea was birthed out of desperation. Dinner time desperation.

Maybe it’s just boys. Maybe it’s just MY boys. But, dinner time conversation at our house can sometimes make me want to gouge my eyes out be less than enjoyable.

After I’ve taught a 1st grader, 2nd grader, a 5th grader and made sure our 1yr old and 4yr old haven’t burned down the house, sat through a few hours of arabic, prepared breakfast and lunch for a full basketball team, did a load or 7 of laundry and hung it all out to dry, managed to squeeze in a quick workout, washed the dishes by hand for the 3rd time today… because apparently no one on our side of the pond received the breaking news about the revolutionary invention called a dishwasher. Okay, refocus, I should get back on track-just needed to get that all off my chest. Now, back to my original thought process. When we finally sit down together as a family for dinner after a long day, I would like to have a normal conversation, just a normal conversation. That’s not too much to ask.

But, a woman can only say, “No movie quotes at the dinner table, please” or “You know bathroom talk is unacceptable” and “Only original thoughts for the remainder of the meal” with a smile on her face so many times before that vein in her neck starts to pop out and she must resist the urge to sling taco salad across the table. I’m just sayin’.

In an effort to help guide our conversations over dinner I came up with “Conversation Starter Sticks.”

It’s pretty easy.  All you need is a small bucket, a pen and a few popsicle sticks. After you gather those things, simply write several questions on the popsicle sticks and put them in a bucket.  Done. See, very easy.

We take turns passing the bucket around the table, pulling out a stick and answering the question.  It’s simple- but revolutionary for our little tribal diner.


Hearing about a place Braeden would like to visit, or what Brody wants to be when he grows up is much more enjoyable than a complete rendition of the opening scene from Despicable Me 2.


**Please ignore the two day old marker on Breck’s arm. #LoserMom

The older boys are also required to help the younger ones read the sticks. Reading practice….check!


I tried to think of questions that would really get my boys thinking or things I knew they would love to talk about. So we have everything from “What Lego creation did you build this week?” to  “Who’s your favorite soccer team and why?”, all the way down to “If you could have one superhero power, what would it be?” If you are having trouble coming up with questions check here for more ideas.

So, that’s it– Conversation Starter Sticks. It’s not earth shattering, neither is it rocket science- but hey, it works for me.

The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl

I celebrated another birthday this week which meant Britten was working feverishly to pull off an epic birthday celebration despite the challenges of making birthday’s special in a foreign land. And I must say, despite the odds, he pulled it off.

The boys wanted to have a voice in making the celebration special so they whisked me off to IHOP for breakfast in lieu of cooking.

Over breakfast, Breck poured chocolate syrup into the miniature milk containers that normal people use for coffee in a desperate attempt to make chocolate milk. Sad, I know. He worked diligently whipping up .30 ounces of chocolate milk at a time and I let him because….well, it was my birthday.


I ordered chocolate pancakes and reminisced about the good ol’ days when it was acceptable to order chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips, smothered in whipped cream and ignored the fact that I’m now a grown woman who should order something sensible like an egg white omelette. Now you know where Breck gets his chocolate milk obsession from. Guilty as charged.

Warning! Proceed with caution. Fresh out of bed with not a stitch of make-up photo ahead. IMG_2867

Britten surprised me later that evening with a full blown birthday celebration. There were gifts, sparkly wrapping paper, birthday songs, loads of artwork from the boys and a double doozie cake from the Cookie Company with the word “birthday” spelled as two words rather than one and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Such a great reminder of where we are and our crazy life.


We’ve been extremely fortunate to have a friend whose job has him in our city for the summer. And, he was brave enough to take on all five of our boys while we went out on a real date. No highchairs, no diaper bags, no items from the kid’s menu and no forks flying across the table over dinner. It was delightful.


The most laborious decision I had to ponder all day was what kind of cheesecake to order after dinner.


My sweet husband, on the other hand, had his work cut out for him. Stores, restaurants, etc. here are segregated. Some places only men can enter and others, only women (or a man accompanying a woman/a family) can enter.


 I’m still not exactly sure how Britten managed to get it done but he did and surprised me with a swimsuit cover up and a full length mirror because I take the one down off the bathroom wall every. single. time. I need to apply makeup. Problem solved.


You know, turning 38 isn’t so bad when you’ve got a crew like this to celebrate your special day.


Valentine’s Day and Boys

Valentine’s Day and Boys

I have vivid memories of being a little girl and my Dad walking in the door after work on Valentine’s Day with a big box of Godiva chocolate for my Mom. To some, that may not seem like much, but it’s a memory I still hold dear over thirty years later for various reasons.

#1= Godiva chocolate is expensive and when I was a little girl our family didn’t have a lot of money so I knew my Dad had sacrificed to buy such a nice gift for my Mom, the woman he loved. GODIVA36PIECE

#2= There was only one Godiva store in our state and it wasn’t exactly close to our house so I knew my Dad had gone out of his way to find this special gift.

#3 (and perhaps the most vivid of all)= when I finally got a little older my Dad surprised me and my Sister with a smaller version of my Mom’s treasured Godvia chocolate on Valentine’s Day. After that it became a tradition that my Dad would give all three of his Valentines Godiva chocolate every year.

As much as I adore the Raspberry Mousse Hearts with intricate red detail swirled throughout the design, it’s not the candy that I remember so fondly.

4322-26-CASE-RaspFlutHrtV1RGBIt actually has nothing to do with the candy at all. What I remember is that my Dad loved my Mom and he wanted to make sure on Valentine’s day (and lots of other days as well) that she knew that.

Fast forward 30+ years and I’m the parent, I’m the one in charge of making Valentine’s Day special for my children and I have a houseful of boys.

Of course, I want my boys to know we love them. I want my boys to remember Valentine’s Day, but more than that I want my boys to remember that I taught them how to make Valentine’s Day special because one day they’ll be the ones in charge of making it special for the women in their lives, just like my Dad did for my Mom. And lets be honest, I want my future Daughter-in-Laws to thank me.

This morning, the boys woke up (like they do almost every V-day) to a trail of hearts. But, because I’m a school teacher deep down, this year the hearts had messages written on them and the boys had to read the messages to know what to do next.


The hearts led them to the kitchen where the table was set with a gift for each boy, chocolate, tissue paper flower arrangements and enough pink balloons to make it look like Pepto Bismol had thrown-up in the kitchen floor.



I cooked Nutella stuffed french toast and we ate off the real plates and by “real” I mean the ones that need to be washed after breakfast because they aren’t disposable. Don’t judge, life without a dishwasher is rowdy.

IMG_3366-1Was most of the day created from construction paper and curling ribbon? As a matter of fact, it was. Was it a 5 day Disney Cruise? No. Did it cost 100’s of dollars? No. But, it did take some thought and effort to make those boys feel special. And I’m a big fan of making everyone feel special on Valentine’s Day.

Christmas in August

Christmas in August

I realize I’m in the wrong season to be blogging about Christmas but, I recently remembered I never posted about our yearly Christmas ornament competition exchange. And, since Christmas is only a few months away I need to play catch up because lets be honest, I need a way to remember these things.

If you’re new to Passport for Six and have never heard the story I posted on the old blog (Too Many B’s) then let me catch you up to speed with a slimmed down version of the original story. For those of you that already know, skip the next paragraph and get to the good stuff.

Basically, our first Christmas together as husband and wife we didn’t have the money to buy each other Christmas gifts. Britten was in graduate school and I was a first grade teacher raking in the big bucks. We came up with the idea to buy each other a Christmas ornament that, in some way, represented our last year of life together. The tradition stuck and because Britten and I both have a serious competitive streak…it soon turned into a competition. We are now approaching our 12th Christmas as husband and wife and the tradition is still going strong.

Now, let me back up a bit. This past year we spent our first Christmas overseas which brought many changes to what Christmas looks like in our home. Things were running along pretty smoothly until about a week before Christmas I realized our yearly Christmas ornament exchange wouldn’t be possible. The ornament selection here is severely limited…and that’s putting it nicely. I pouted for a little bit and then my brain went into overdrive trying to figure out another option and then BAM! I got it.

I decided we would get online and choose an ornament. We would order the ornaments and have them sent to my parents house for safe keeping. Each of us then secretly printed out a picture of the ornament we had chosen and wrapped it up to go under the tree. It would basically be just like swapping ornaments but without the actual ornament. Genius, right?


Christmas night we all hopped on a  plane and headed to Dubai for a little vacation so we threw the ornaments in our suitcase and decided to open them when we arrived.

I found this little beauty on Etsy. It’s the country we live in right now with the date we first arrived. Swoon.


And, of course, Britten decided to go the humorous route. You see, for 15 months after arriving here we didn’t have a car. Which means we were piling all six (and for a short time seven) Taylor’s into a taxi with no air, no heat, no seat belts, no car seats, etc. It was a sanctifying experience to say the least and one we will never forget. To commemorate such  special time in our lives, Britten chose this.

UnknownClassic, huh? I love it!

If I do say so myself, it was a great year for ornaments in the Taylor house. And I’m sure with all that has transpired in our lives over the past year, this Christmas will bring a plethora of interesting ornaments to choose from.