Burnin’ Down the House

Burnin’ Down the House

Our current apartment isn’t equipped with any type of heating unit. I know when you read the aforementioned statement most of you thought to yourselves, “Of course you don’t have a heating unit! You live in the Middle East, silly girl.”

While our current location would be classified as a desert ecosystem, one thing I learned upon moving here is  “desert” doesn’t necessarily mean hot. We recently had a snow storm with 9-10 inches of snow in some parts of our city and this was our family Christmas card in 2013. Yep, that’s a five foot snowman. ChristmasBanner_2Pic_5x7-2

So, back to my original thought process. Because we don’t have a heating unit we use “sobas” which are small gas heaters on wheels that roll into a chosen room and then you co-habitate in that room the entire winter in an attempt not to develop frost bite from room to room allowing you to heat one room at a time.


When the soba is lit, there is an open flame which is complete & utter lunacy if you have small children or boys in your home meaning if you have boys or small children in your home you need to be extra cautions because you do run the risk of  catching something on fire, getting too close and melting clothes or better yet, burning the whole dang house down. Just keepin’ it real for ya’. However, our other option is to deal with the house being a balmy 42 degrees (and that’s on a good day) so, we press on with the soba.

We’ve been fortunate not to have any major accidents thus far but I’d be lying if I said we haven’t melted several things on the journey. Just this month we’ve lost a Gap coat,


a pair of pajamas,

IMG_9838 (3)completely mangled a plastic step stool


and managed to burn the entire back end off a stuffed monkey. IMG_0025Praise the Lord for flame retardant materials, right?

Not to mention, we burned a hole the size of a football in my husbands Columbia coat and melted one side of a Nalgene water bottle but I was too distraught to even snap a photo.

I’ve tried to come up with cute and clever ways to keep the boys a safe distance from the soba, but for some reason I couldn’t find any ideas on Pinterest. Go figure. But, no need to fear, we’ve got it all under control now.

A quick trip to the hardware store for some colored electrical tape and our dilemma was solved.

Now, at least the next time some unsuspecting soul melts the backside of his adorable new footie pajamas….it won’t be my fault.

2 thoughts on “Burnin’ Down the House

  1. Poor monkey. 🙁

    Reminds me of the warning Aunt Kay gave me years ago about watching what I say to the kids because they take things literally. Then gave me a beautiful example of when she told Michael Brown she was going to set his tail on fire and he ran screaming from the room!! 🙂 Hahaha!!

  2. Poor Curious George. That was lil Brax first stuffed animal. I guess Granna will have to find him another one, 🙂 You never cease to amaze me at your awesome momness.

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