Brody Turns Eight

Brody Turns Eight

This past weekend we celebrated a very special birthday- our sweet Brody turned eight.

He decided he’d rather go to Kidzania and then out to dinner with our family- in lieu of the usual party.

{Fist bump to all my fellow moms who have ever managed to get out of the birthday party planning craziness}

While I’m on the subject of Kidzania, you should go if you ever have the opportunity. My boys ages 4-10 think it’s the most fun place they’ve ever been. It’s like all of the best field trips you’ve ever been on rolled up into one awesome place.

We arrived  around 11:00 am and stuck around until 10:00 pm- when it finally closed.

To say my boys love that place is a huge understatement.


The place is like a city that is ran and ruled by kids. They have newspapers, fast food restaurants, sports teams, grocery stores, radio stations. Kids learn to be producers and consumers and earn Kidzos for the work they do which can be spent in the Kidzania store.

Most of the day they were much too busy working for the various shops to stop for a photo-op, but they know mom is relentless with the camera, so they finally stopped and let me have a moment.


In a city where they can make Coca-Cola, be an airline pilot or host their own radio show these boys had a hard time pulling away from the allure of the Kidzania Soccer Stadium.

IMG_5045The next day our Birthday Boy was able to choose any restaurant in the city for his birthday dinner. It was no surprise that he chose Texas Roadhouse because he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

Can we just talk about how awesome it is that we live in the Middle East and have a Texas Roadhouse? There is no shortage of good food in our neighborhood.

IMG_1279After dinner the manager brought Brody a brownie topped with ice cream and a candle. That meant Momma got out of baking a cake! Score for the home team.


The highlight of the night was when the waiter brought a saddle over and had Brody climb up on it. They all sang “Happy Birthday” to him, which was hardly recognizable with the strong accents.  Good thing the hand clapping, cheering and hollering made it a memory for the ages. And I honestly can’t think of a more perfect celebration for such an amazing young man. We love you Bro Bro!

Happy 8th Birthday!


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