Breck Turns Two

Breck Turns Two

Our baby turned two last week and a celebration was in order. We have friends with a sweet daughter that turned two a few days after Breck so a double birthday party was a must. How cute are these little bits? 

The kiddos had a blast decorating cupcakes with all kinds of candy. IMG_9192Doesn’t that look yummy?

IMG_9194You can’t have a good old fashioned birthday party without Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Unfortunately, donkeys didn’t really go with the party theme so I went with Pin the Candle on the Cupcake. Breck revolted against the blindfold and played with his eyes open. You can do that when it’s your birthday and you’re this stinkin’ cute.


This kid may be the baby in our family but he certainly knows what to do with a gift when he sees one. He didn’t waste a single second ripping into his goodies.

IMG_9215Celebrating holidays and birthdays without our friends and family is a big change for us and certainly isn’t easy but the Lord has been so faithful to bless our family with wonderful new friends that went out of their way to make our little guy feel incredibly loved on his second birthday!IMG_9197

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