Brax Turns Four

Brax Turns Four

Our little guy turned four last week. I fully anticipated a blubbering, tear filled birthday song upon the realization that we’ve never had a four year old in the house without a baby following closely behind but I held it together nicely.

My zeal for party planning was quickly dashed when he earnestly declared, “I don’t want a party.” *sigh* Who is this kid anyway?

Upon further questioning, I realized he did indeed have plans for an indefectible birthday…and I was happy to oblige.

He wanted the customary birthday morning pancakes but was not a fan of the obligatory birthday song.  He chose his favorite restaurant for dinner and dined on Happy Meals and orange juice because you can do that when it’s your birthday. #cleaneating
After dinner the guys behind the counter let him make his own ice cream cone. He was thrilled with the blue cotton candy ice cream but unsettled by the sweet Sri Lankan man that dared talk to him. Are you sensing a theme?He asked for a cake and Paw Patrol decorations but insisted, “No people. Only mom and dad and guys.” He refers to his four older brothers as the guys and I simultaneously melt.

We had cake and sang the birthday song again while he ambled into the next room and pretended we weren’t singing to him.We handed him his birthday present because he didn’t want the added pressure of anyone watching him open his gift and just like that the celebration was over.

I crumbled paper plates and napkins inside a plastic table cloth and tossed the remaining evidence of celebration into the trash while secretly hoping my other boys will adopt this new method of celebration.


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