Boy Moms: The Other Side of the Story

Boy Moms: The Other Side of the Story

I’m keenly aware of the reality that people often think my house full of boys was an attempt at something else. I know this because well, quite frankly- they tell me. Often.

“What did you do wrong in your life to deserve all those boys?”

“Where you trying for a girl?”

“Wow! Five boys, I’m sorry.”

“I guess you won’t have anybody to take care of you in your old age.”

Yep, people actually say those things. Rude. Fortunately, these comments don’t really phase me these days.

While I can’t deny the fact that I’d love to have a girl, the honest truth is that I’m over the top thrilled about being an all boy mom. I’ve read a thing or two about gender remorse and can say with 100% certainty, I’ve never had it.

Every other time I’ve gotten pregnant it’s been unplanned.  Either we were totally blindsided, we were okay with the idea of our family growing or we were purposefully trying to have another baby. Contrary to popular belief it never was out of a desire to “get that girl” as many in the peanut gallery have stated.

I love- I mean big, pink, puffy heart love- being an all boy mom. In my humble opinion, I think boys get a bad rap. Every time I read an article about being a mom to all boys it has to mention the subjects of passing gas, pee on the floor or “male part” obsession. And while I will neither confirm nor deny the afore mentioned subjects, I must say, there is so much more to raising boys.

Here are just a few of my favorite things about being a mom to all boys.

1) Getting dressed & out of the house is fairly simple: No hair braiding or curling, no makeup, no accessories or tights. I can’t speak for all boys but most days mine could care less what they wear. Jeans, a t-shirt, some flip flops and we’re out the door. It doesn’t get much more simple than that. And when you’ve got seven people to get out the door- simple is a good thing.


2) I’m the princess in the house: being the only female in the house means you are afforded many special privileges. It’s not unusual for me to get 2 or 3 hand picked flowers every time we walk out the door. Our neighbors who work so diligently in their flower beds don’t really like it, but I think it’s pretty sweet.

And it’s an unwritten rule among my boys that anything pink goes to mama. I automatically inherit all the pink Sweet Tarts, Starbursts, Skittles or anything else that happens to be pink.  Who wouldn’t love that?

3) I have many opportunities to change up the decor in my house: Little decorative nicknacks get broken on a regular basis. Some may see this as a problem but I see it as an opportunity to create something new and change our surroundings often. Just last week I walked into the area of the house where we do school and was greeted by this lovely sight. When I asked what happened to the curtains the boys told me they were using the curtains to make an obstacle course. Makes perfect sense, right?


4) What girl doesn’t love being treated like a lady?: It doesn’t matter if we are walking out our front door or piling into the elevator in our building you’ll hear a loud chorus of, “Ladies First!!!!” which of course, is sometimes followed by a minor scuffle as the boys try to prevent one another from getting in front of me. They argue over whose turn it is to open the door for mom, accompany her to the grocery store for “protection” or hold her hand as we walk down the street. I never grow tired of feeling so special.

5) There’s never a shortage of cuddles and snuggles: Many men would say physical touch is their primary love language and that is often times evident from a fairly early age. Not in a gross kind of way, but my boys always want to sit in my lap, stroke my hair, hold my hand or have me scratch their back. I know the day is coming when each of my sons will want to hold another lucky lady’s hand, so I’m going to soak in every moment.

So, while I’m sure girls really are sugar and spice and everything nice. I think it’s worth noting that there is so much more to raising boys than snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.

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  1. I don’t think anyone has ever said it better. I think being a boy mom is wonderful even though I love being a boy and girl mom. Of course you make that obvious.

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