Back To School

Back To School

When I was an elementary school teacher I learned pretty quickly that the first day of school would always be eventful. There would always be an unexpected event that makes the day a little extra exciting.

-A child falls asleep on the school bus and misses her stop, sending everyone into “missing child” mode. Hysteria ensues.

-Somebody forgets to bring a lunch resulting in crocodile tears in the lunch line.

-The student who thought he was a car rider missed his bus because he was in the car rider line instead of the bus line.

I’ve since transitioned from public school teacher to homeschool teacher and it still holds true that there will always be unexpected events on the first day of school.

Last week we started back to school, which means I am required to flood your news feed with adorable photos of the boys. Just humor me.IMG_1008IMG_1020IMG_1006IMG_1013

The day began with a bang. We found Brax in his crib, without a diaper, painting the sheets and walls with the contents of said diaper. Art for the day? Check. Seriously, that’s gross, even if you’re his mama. Lucky for me, he cleans up pretty nicely. IMG_0996 (1)I peeled off the hazmat suit and headed downstairs to fix breakfast. We usually start the first day of school with a special breakfast. This time we had pumpkin chocolate chip muffins which may not sound special to you, but finding pumpkin here is like finding gold at the end of a rainbow so we were ecstatic.

Thanks to my friend Lora, we dished out washi-tape coded school supplies.


We cuddled on the couch, read lots of books and I was reminded of how thankful I am that I get to teach these guys ….despite the random poop clean up. IMG_1033IMG_0978

3 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. Man I wish I was there to be the room grandmother, I think I would be a good one.
    Such handsome boys. Gosh I’m family sick.

  2. Um, when did Brody turn 20? I love the irony of you taking organizing tips from little ol’ me. I don’t know who I am any more… 😉

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