Baby Sprinkle

Baby Sprinkle

You’d think by the time you got around to having baby #5 folks would decide you had all the baby gear one human being could possibly need and not bother with the work of putting together a shower. Given that, you know I was giddy excited at the idea of a Skype baby shower given by my friends and family back in the states so you can only imagine how thrilled I was when my desert dwelling friends decided to put together a baby sprinkle to celebrate our little guy.


Rachel has discovered a hidden talent none of us knew existed. She whips up beautiful cakes from scratch on the weekends just to pass the time. She mentioned something about a spoon for decorating and Bakerella’s buttercream icing recipe and the next thing we knew she waved her wand and this appeared.

IMG_6764Even though you probably won’t believe me, I must add that it tasted even better than it looked. Trust me, I brought the leftovers home and ate them for breakfast and my boys will attest to that fact.

Have I mentioned that Celeste and I  are getting to do this whole “having a baby in a foreign land” thing together, how fun is that? In this pic she’s 24 weeks and I’m 34 weeks. It’s been such a blessing to have one of my closest friends right beside me to laugh when things don’t turn out like we were expecting, to help search high and low for baby items in a city we don’t know all that well and of course, to share maternity clothes.


I somehow managed to get caught up in the excitement of the baby shower and didn’t get a photo with all of the amazing girls that helped make it all happen and trust me, in this city that’s a HUGE accomplishment. Once again, I’ll blame that on my pregnancy brain.


The Lord has been so gracious to give me old friends with heart strings that run deep but I’m reminded once again of His provision when I think about the new friends I’ve met since we moved overseas and how blessed I am to have each one of these women in my life. Thanks for making this mommy feel loved.

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