Anything But Normal

Anything But Normal

I can’t speak for every expat but I can speak for our family.

When we first moved to the Middle East four and a half years ago everything felt new, strange, unfamiliar and different. Adapting to a new culture is no easy task especially when everything is no longer “what you’re used to.” Our senses were assaulted from every possible angle and somedays we didn’t know which way was up.

Fast forward a few years and give us a few countries under our belt and you may find us having a good chuckle at just how “normal” our unusual life is.

In an effort to help myself remember these days I’m going to post them here.

We live in a completely Muslim country where it is illegal to produce, consume or import any form of alcohol. In light of the “no alcohol” rule it is very popular to see a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks in restaurants (don’t be fooled by these fancy mocktails)grocery storesand convenience stores.
Several of the non-alcoholic drinks have fun fruity flavors and colors which make them especially appealing to children. My boys will generally choose one of these fruity soda-like beverages if given the opportunity.

Just this week I was reminded how our lives are anything but normal when I looked over at my six year old who was relaxing by the pool and chugging his beer.

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  1. You’re tougher than your mom. If I had to live where triple digit temperatures were the norm. I’d be tempted to smuggle vanilla extract in to help me cope.

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