Another one bites the dust…

Another one bites the dust…

I had full intentions of blogging long before now with glorious news regarding our time in Virginia but that just didn’t happen.

We arrived in Virginia on Monday January 21st. Tuesday we had meet the teacher day and Wednesday the boys started school. IMG_8382Thursday night around 11pm Breck started throwing up, which was the beginning of what seems to be the never ending string of illnesses. For the next several days 3 of our 6 were down with the stomach bug. We all started feeling a bit better over the weekend only to have two more of the boys start running fevers. As of tonight, two of the boys have  a respiratory virus that has triggered their asthma which means we’re seeing a lot of this around the apartment.


Tomorrow marks the eleventh day in a row that someone in our family has been sick. I’ve purchased and obsessively used an impressive line up of germ killing products only to learn that you in no way, shape or form can truly stop the spread of germs.


4 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust…

  1. Oh my! Well, that answers the “hope everyone is well” comment!! I’ll keep reading and praying those darlin’ boys are back to 100% and loving school.

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