And the Winner Is….

And the Winner Is….

I must admit…I was a little concerned about the results of this year’s competition.

You know Britten took home the victory last year with his incredibly lovey-dovey penguin ornament.

What you don’t know is that for the last couple of months I’ve told everyone I was incredibly confident that I was going to win this year’s swap, despite the fact that Britten repeatedly told me he was going to win two consecutive years in a row.

But then the first vote on the blog was for his ornament and the first vote on the facebook post was for his ornament. I suddenly realized that I might have been a little over confident. Thankfully, over the next few days things took a dramatic turn and my ornament began to wrangle the votes.

In the end….I carried away the victory with my quilt ornament 38 to 6.

Thank you for taking time to vote and keeping the annual ornament swap competition alive!

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