A Message to My Mommy Friends

A Message to My Mommy Friends

I recently learned that my closest local friend on this side of the world is newly pregnant.

She had only known about the pregnancy for approximately 23.6 minutes before she got in touch with me to ask which doctor to use, what prenatal vitamin is the best, which baby book she should read first and a whole slew of other questions that I won’t share here.

I was overjoyed at her bringing all of the questions to me and heaping them at my feet like a huge pile of laundry that needed to be sorted and put away.

You see; I love pregnancy, babies, motherhood and all things related. There are few subjects I enjoy discussing as much as these. And while I do have a little experience under my belt, I’m also fully aware that there are many women who walk through the journey of motherhood with more wisdom, grace and dignity than I can generate on my best day.


As I pondered the many things I could tell her, needed to tell her and wanted to tell her my mind quickly drifted away to an entirely different space.

We could have spent hours discussing natural or medicated childbirth, breast or bottle feeding, crib or co-sleeping ,vaccinations or not, working moms vs. stay at home moms, organic or processed food, spanking or time out, controlled crying or crying it out….or one of the millions of other topics that seem to sprint through the already brimming minds of every new mother- causing us to choose sides like we’re preparing for battle.


I could have taken that opportunity to try and win her over, to convince her that the way I do things is best. I could have chosen to ignore what my friend really needed in an effort to glorify myself and prove to her what an incredibly knowledgeable mother I am.

The temptation was there. Draw some battle lines and win over a covert to the home team. Fortunately, the Lord was gracious to intervene and keep me from diving in head first. Instead, I truly believe that He alone gave me eyes to see what would bring Him the most glory and allow myself to fade into the background.

I just listened as she rattled off the one million little bits of information she had already gathered about her growing baby.

I simply told my friend how ridiculously excited I was for her.

I reminded her that I loved her and wanted to hear every detail of her doctors visit, that I wanted to gaze at every sonogram picture and dream with her about what her baby would look like.

I shared with her that I wanted to walk the pregnancy journey with her, hand in hand. When she has questions, I want to help her find answers. And by God’s grace, I want to be that Romans 12:15¬†friend for her.¬†

Because in the world of motherhood where battle lines are drawn, camps are made and gloves are tossed aside when someone chooses a different path of parenting, things can get down. right. draining. In the midst of all the competition and jockeying for mommy position we can easily miss the wonder and amazement of the reality that God has entrusted us with a tiny creation made uniquely in His image. A precious baby with an eternal soul.

This mommy stuff is hard enough without the petty challenges and competition. So, in light of that, let us bask in the amazing reality that we get to be mothers to these little people. It doesn’t matter if we are new mom’s, veteran mom’s, soon to be mom’s or hoping to be moms we can enjoy the unity that we were created to joyfully share with one another and thank God that He hasn’t asked us to walk this journey alone.

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  1. Hi Brook, I would love to get some pics and info from you so that I can share it with our preschoolers. We still do a monthly focus in our large group setting. Can you send me some specific info, pics, and ways we can encourage your family. Maybe you can share some pics and information about your business, favorite foods, culture, etc. Ways we can encourage/lift you up? Let me know if that’s a possibility. We’d love to hear all about your life these days!
    Miss your sweet family,

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