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Month: September 2014

Making My Own Baby Food

Making My Own Baby Food

It’s only fair to start this post by admitting that the only reason I’m making my own baby food is because jars of baby food are nearly $2.50 a jar in our country and those wonderful little baby food pouches are non existent for the most part. Turns out most of the mommy’s here just smash up whatever they’ve prepared for their family to eat and give it to the baby as well.

I mentioned on Instagram that I was making baby food and got several questions about recipes and methods so tonight I’m going to share.

I started out using the book The Baby Food Bible and while I’m not completely on board with everything the author says, I do think it’s a great book for beginners. The book has a handy little table that tells you what foods are best to introduce at what times. It also has lots of baby food recipes and directions for how to prepare and store the food. I would recommend it.

UnknownMy mother in law sent me an immersion blender that has been an absolute game changer when it comes to making baby food. If you plan on making your own baby food for an extended period of time…you need to get one of these.

Unknown-1I go to the fruit and veggie stand in our neighborhood and buy whatever is currently in season.


I cook the produce using whatever method suits me at the moment. Sometimes I steam, boil or even microwave the goods, it just depends on what kind of mood I’m in. I then add water until I reach the desired consistency and put the baby food in ice cube trays.

unnamedOnce the cubes are frozen I put them into Ziploc freezer bags and label them on the outside. I label them because I love labels and it helps me know what it is. Who knew apples, bananas and pears look identical after being pureed? unnamed-1

Other than the fact that it’s time consuming and I’m running short on time these days, I really enjoy making baby food.

Now that Brax is getting a little older I’ve ventured out and found several fun recipes on the Momtastic and Homemade Baby Food Recipe websites. Not to mention, when I open the freezer and see bag after bag of frozen baby food cubes that I made all by myself I feel like an absolute domestic diva…and who doesn’t like that?



The Cotton Candy Man

The Cotton Candy Man

Yep, you read the title correctly, we really do have a cotton candy man in our neighborhood. Be jealous.

One thing is certain about life overseas: Everything is going to be unfamiliar. Everything. But, the Lord will be gracious to provide things about your new country and your new culture that bring a smile to your face. And, believe it or not, there may even be things about the new culture you prefer over the way “you used to do it.” Tonight, I give you one of the things about life in the Middle East that always makes me smile.

We count on it like clock work. Everyday at approximately 3:00 PM (because that is when all the school kids are back at home) we hear the familiar whistle of the cotton candy man. It’s the exact same song, on the exact same handmade whistle, at the exact same time everyday of the week. It’s similar to the ice cream man that used to come around our old neighborhood in the states but a little more simplified.

You see, the cotton candy man doesn’t have a truck. He walks up and down the streets with cotton candy and various toys tied on a stick. He slings the stick over his shoulder and blows his whistle. When the kids hear the whistle they run outside and flag him down.



The instant our three year old hears the whistle he starts running through the house yelling, “COTTON CANDY MAN! COTTON CANDY MAN!” If you choose not to acknowledge the fact that he hears the cotton candy man he will take it upon himself to run out on the balcony and flag him down.

The cotton candy comes in small bags about the size of a Ziploc sandwich bag and only costs 10 girsh which is the equivalent of 15 cents. Boomski.


It makes our boys feel super grown up when I hand them 40 girsh and let them walk downstairs to the entrance of our apartment building and buy cotton candy all by themselves. How cute is that?

Just don’t tell them that I was secretly watching every single move they made from the third floor balcony, ok? It would totally kill the memory.

Brax: 6 Months

Brax: 6 Months

While I recognize this post is one only a mother could love, I am reminded that with the exception of 3 people, our families have never met our little Brax so they adore seeing him grow up on the world wide web. So, if you’re the kind of person that gets tired of looking at post after post of people who are goo-goo over their little ones…go ahead and move along to something else because I’m about to be shameless and post a “my baby is growing up too fast and it just makes me want another one” kind of thing. I apologize, but not really.

IMG_6942Can I just take a minute to say this is quite possibly the sweetest baby I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.


And seriously, could that big round belly and those chubby cheeks get any cuter? I think not.

IMG_0508But on a serious note, how is he already six months old? He keeps trying to crawl and even manages to somehow sit himself up before I knock him down and remind him that I’m not ready for him to be a big boy. Make. It. Stop.


I’m almost certain that if he continues to get even more adorable with every passing day my heart my explode.