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Month: May 2014

What I Wish I Would’ve Known Before Moving Overseas: Part 2

What I Wish I Would’ve Known Before Moving Overseas: Part 2

Call it naivety or maybe even plain stupidity but I just assumed everyone would be in support of our decision to move our family overseas. And, at least if they weren’t in support of our decision they would keep those thoughts to themselves. Turns out neither of those things were true. Who knew?

Our immediate families hated to see us leave but were able to see the bigger picture and encouraged us along the way. Although, most people were extremely supportive or simply kept their criticism to themselves, there were, unfortunately, a few people who let their comments fly. I would list the more memorable comments but for times sake….I’ll keep those to myself.


I expected people to ask questions, but I wasn’t fully prepared for the number of people that would question our sanity or tell us why they believed we were making a poor decision.

The random neighbor we’ve never met walking by to ask why our house was for sale….and decides to offer advice.

The sweet receptionist at the doctors office who was curious about all the vaccines….and felt the need to caution me about all the things that could possibly go wrong.

The elderly gentleman at church that answers the telephones…who had obviously been watching too much Fox News.

Most of the comments were easy to overlook.  Heck, sometimes we could even laugh them off.  But when it came to the people that we loved deeply or the people we have great respect for… those were the ones that kept me up at night. The most difficult ones occurred when some kind soul failed to think through their timing and said something critical in front of our children.


So, I’m telling you now- people are going to question your decision to move your family overseas. This is especially the case if you are moving to what the person perceives as a “volatile area”. And those comments and critical remarks will in turn tempt you to question your own sanity. But, the truth is, nobody ever said following God’s plan would be easy. Nor do we see in the Word that God’s call to obedience would always make sense to our finite minds and limited understanding. Christ’s obedience to The Father and His willingness to go to the cross is an astounding step of obedience that I can’t completely get my mind around even today.

Oh, and to those of you that are tempted to make “those comments” just remember what Thumper always said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nuttin’ at all.”