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Month: February 2014

Legos, Sippy Cups and Spilled Milk

Legos, Sippy Cups and Spilled Milk

It goes without saying that having a house full of boys means we also have a house full of Legos. We emptied one of the big plastic tubs we used to pack when we moved overseas and now it’s a storage box for all the Legos. Not a day passes by without the boys building elaborate Lego creations.


 Unfortunately, Breck had rather destroy their elaborate creations than build something of his own. IMG_9434He loves to crawl inside the Lego box and wiggle around uncontrollably until he eventually breaks something. It drives his older brothers batty, but hey…what are little brothers for?

A few weeks ago I walked into the boy’s bedroom and noticed a rather unpleasant smell. I dismissed the smell along with the thought “boys just stink” and went to start dinner. I ignored the smell as long as I could but with each passing day it grew more and more intense. I avoided going into the boy’s room unless it was absolutely necessary so I decided something had to be done about the smell. After a slight investigation I learned that one day when Breck was sitting in the Lego box the lid came off his sippy cup and his milk spilled, seeping down to the deepest darkest corners of the box. I tried to tell myself that it was probably only a couple teaspoons of milk but, that didn’t prove to be the case.

I filled the bath tub full of water and added a little Clorox for good measure. The two oldest boys helped me pick up the box and together we worked to dump all the Legos into the tub. As the Legos poured into the water the boys darted out of the bathroom screaming “Gross, that smells disgusting!!” while their 8 month pregnant mom and her hyper sensitive nose was left holding the rotten Legos.


After letting the Legos soak for a good long while we worked diligently for over 15 minutes to scoop them up and lay them out to dry. By the time we were finished we had a queen sized quilt spread out on the floor covered in Legos. It took two solid days in the sun for all of the blocks to dry but at the end of the whole painstaking process, the smell was gone and now our Legos are cleaner than they’ve ever been.