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Month: October 2013

His Happy Place…A Boy & His Blanket

His Happy Place…A Boy & His Blanket

When our youngest son was born my mom bought him a blanket that matched his nursery and looked adorable lying on the rocking chair. None of our other children have ever cared much for blankets so I was a bit surprised when our youngest son became somewhat attached to his blanket.

IMG_8425He wanted to carry it everywhere with him. It moved with us to our three final “homes” in Alabama and then on to Virginia. It actually made it on the plane in Atlanta unfortunately, somewhere between London and our final destination the beloved blanket came up missing.

I looked high and low to find something similar and scoured the internet to find a replacement…no luck. After I’d exhausted all resources I gave up hope and decided to just buy a blanket and see if he would ever love it like he did the old one. The bad news….he doesn’t love it like he did the old one. The good news…he loves it even more.

There’s a baby store here in town that carries¬†cellular blankets in several different colors.¬†I bought one to try but since then have gone back and purchased two more.

When our little guy is afraid, sad or just plain ol’ tired he immediately starts asking for his “lank.”

IMG_9400When we’re out in public and the call to prayer comes on he quickly covers his entire head and face with the blanket. He is pleased with the fact that no one can see him but he can still see through the little holes.

photo-16When he is really tired he works ever so diligently to get his finger/fingers through the holes and then drifts off to sleep.

IMG_9290At any given time of day he can be found wandering around the house with at least one finger through the hole but, if he’s really comfortable he pushes all four fingers and his thumb right through the holes.



How cute is the boy and his blanket?