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Month: September 2013

Mama Got a New Do

Mama Got a New Do

About a month ago I chopped my hair off, but haven’t had a chance to share the story.

After being here about a month I noticed a little small amounts handfuls of hair were coming out every time I brushed my hair, took a shower or took my hair down after having it up all day. In the beginning I attributed it to stress, after all we had recently dealt with a few minor changes in our little family of six. The days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months and the hair kept. falling. out.

IMG_5793I started asking around and doing a bit of research and eventually found out the tap water here contains high levels of chlorine. I’m guessing if you went swimming in a chlorinated pool every day your hair would quickly begin to feel the effects.

I found this at the local pharmacy and decided it couldn’t hurt to try it. Side note: I didn’t even know such a product was in existence. Bad news…it didn’t help.


Next up, Anti Hair Fallout Shampoo and Conditioner. Again…no luck but the readily available supply of “anti-hair fall” products did make me think this must be a pretty common problem in our part of the world.

l-oreal-paris-fall-repair-3x-anti-hair-fall-shampooBoth of these products did help a tiny bit. However,  by this time too much damage was already done and I was going to need to take drastic measures to get my hair back in shape.

I made an appointment at a salon in town where the stylist proceeded to tell me how harsh the water here is on hair. He muttered something about only washing my hair twice a week and before I knew it…

IMG_5932…six inches later I had myself a sylin’ new hairdo.