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Month: July 2013

10 Years Later

10 Years Later

Ten years ago when I married my Hubby, we went on the most amazingly romantic honeymoon to St. Lucia. On that trip I asked my husband of one week if we could come back again in ten years. We both knew we did not have the $ to replicate that trip anytime soon, but I thought we could plan ahead and make a run for it a decade later.

He said yes and I tucked that answer away in the back of my head.

10 years later, we found ourselves literally on the other side of the planet. We joked about not being able to make it to St. Lucia, and to be honest, I was a bit bummed. About a month ago our language school planned a mid-term break to Sharm El Sheik, Egypt. I had never heard of the place and did not think twice about it. My husband, on the other hand, started asking some questions about dates, cost, accommodations, etc. He began crunching numbers, working angles (like only my husband can) and plotting to make this trip work.

Oh, it just so happened to fall on our 10 year anniversary.

I’m happy to share that a few weeks back (yes, I’m a bit behind on the ole blog) we, meaning hubby, myself, our boys and Rachel, celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt.

Was it St. Lucia pt 2? Ummmmm, no. But still, it was amazing.

We snorkeled in the Red Sea and I squealed every time  the exotic fish swam close to my toes.IMG_5761

Rachel was gracious enough to help us with the boys and give us a night off  to celebrate. So we went to have our first romantic dinner in who knows how long. It was a dinner overlooking Naama Bay while eel and lion fish swam beneath our feet…



We rode a camel named “Bob Marley”.IMG_5749We took a glass bottom boat ride.


And of course…we relaxed on the beach….IMG_1056

But the best part was that we did a whole lot of nothing. We splashed in the pool with our boys. We flushed our toilet paper. We took naps. We showered without the thought of running out of water and we relaxed more than we have in the past seven months. It was glorious.

All of the down time and anniversary talk gave me ample opportunity to reflect on our marriage and all the Lord has graciously taught us in the last ten years. And because this blog is a collection of my thoughts, they morphed into a blog post.

So stay tuned for Ten Things I’ve Learned in Ten Years of Marriage.

My Favorite Apps

My Favorite Apps

Because the process of learning the Arabic language is killing off brain cells one by one I’m writing a blog post today that doesn’t require much thinking.

It’s been a while since I’ve found any apps that were blog worthy. However, recently I’ve come across a few that are making life a bit easier over here in the desert.

I got home the other day and realized I had paid $14.00 for Maybeline Mascara that usually costs $5.00 in the states. Not anymore. With my new handy dandy Currency Convertor App I always know exactly what I’m paying for things. This is a great app to have if you travel abroad at all.

UnknownI may or may not lose my Iphone  on a daily  weekly regular basis. The hubs was kind enough to install the Find My Iphone App which works like a GPS.


Whenever I can’t find my phone he pulls up the map on his iPhone and it tells him exactly where my phone is. Now, as long as he keeps up with his phone I’m in good shape. It also works on your other electronic devices in the event you know someone that has a difficult time keeping up with things. Uh-hmm. I plead the fifth.

I’m constantly timing my kids for some odd reason. How long you should brush your teeth, how long you can play the Wii, math drills, etc. so a cute little kid friendly timer is a must in this home. I really like the Children’s Countdown Visual Timer.  All my homeschool mamas and teacher peeps need to go ahead and get this one now.


This last one doesn’t really simplify my life or make anything easier but it does add a splash of sassy to my day and that makes me happy. The Monogram app lets you create wallpaper backgrounds with all sorts of different colors and fonts and save them to your home screen.


There ya have it. A mindless post from a brain wreaking from the affects of three Arabic midterms all in the same week. Does anybody have an app for that?

Has it really been ten years?

Has it really been ten years?

10 years….marriage is an incredible gift and a wild journey with my hubby.

9 moves… we started our marriage moving to North Carolina and have most recently moved a bit further over to the Middle East, not to mention a few others in between.

8 job changes… In a period of time where many were struggling to find work due to an economy that tanked, we’ve been so fortunate to have steady income provided by wonderful employment. The hubs has been in 3 primary jobs, but early on in marriage while he was finishing up his degree, we had to bounce around a bit to make ends meet.

7 household pets….despite the fact that we aren’t animal lovers…the things you’ll do for your kiddos. Needless to say, we’ve had many a funeral around the toilet bowl for our beta fish.

6 different homes… don’t feel sorry for me, it’s just the way we’ve done things. The longest we’ve stayed anywhere was three years.

5 pregnancies… one unfortunately ended in a miscarriage.

4 incredible sons… Yep, we’re rock stars in this part of the world. We get told most every day, “You’re a good arab family.”

3 different states… VA, NC, AL

2 different continents… One in the West and one in the East.

1 covenant… with my amazing husband.


Happy 10th anniversary to the man that keeps me on my toes, never allows life to get dull and causes me to know Christ more on a daily basis. I love you to the moon and back BT! I wouldn’t live this crazy life with anyone else in the world besides you.