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Month: March 2013

Mail Call!

Mail Call!

I highly underestimated the importance of mail when you’ve moved away from your family and friends. The boys loved getting mail when we lived in Alabama but now that we are in Virginia and daily interaction with family and friends is a thing of the past, mail has become of the utmost importance.

Before we made the move to VA I hadn’t given our new address to anyone, which meant we got nothing in our mailbox. Every afternoon at 3:00 sharp we would pick the boys up from school and start the short walk across campus to our quad.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 8.21.32 PMIt would only take us getting three or four minutes into our trek home before one of the boys would say, “Can we go check the mail?” You can imagine it only took a few times for the boys to open the door and find an empty box before this mama decided something had to be done. I sent out a quick S.O.S to a few friends and family members in a desperate attempt to get my sweet boys a little bit of mail to open and boy did you guys rise to the occasion!!! I even think you must have started passing the information along to others because before we knew it, we were getting tons of mail.

We have a bulletin board in the kitchen of our quad and it’s been completely taken over with cards from home. This picture doesn’t even include the tons of pictures drawn by the boy’s friends that they insist on keeping in their bedroom or the wonderful Valentine, birthday and “Just Because We Love You” packages we’ve received.


We even got one card all the way from Uganda.

IMG_8578Last week as we were walking to the mail room one of the members of the mail team told us that we get more mail than anybody else on campus. When Brody reached in our mailbox that day he had an enormous smile on his face and said, “Mom, we sure do have a lot of people that love us!”

So, my purpose in writing this blog is to say thank you. Thank you for loving our family and for going above and beyond to remind us on a daily basis that we are not forgotten. We truly believe we have the most amazing family and friends a person could ask for and we are thankful to have you behind us every step of the way as we move along on this journey.